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Marriage class: 4 signals, your marriage is dangerous, everything has cause and effect, marriage is the same. There are always signals that suggest that your relationship is dangerous. Suggest that there is a danger in your relationship. 1. You don’t want to have a normal relationship with the other person. You need to be enthusiastic, energy and time to maintain, and avoidance is absolutely the beginning of trouble. The other half were not interested or even bored, preferring to spend weekends with their female friends rather than with their partners…… Hurry up and find the key to the problem! There are men who are more attractive to you than he is, 2, there are men who are more attractive to you than married men, and if you’re always attracted by other men, it’s a pretty dangerous signal. Although your gaze can be elsewhere, when this new fantasy is more than your deep gaze at the other half, this is the beginning of the mental derailment! You become irritable, irritable, 3, you become irritable, irritable, your tolerance is plummeting, discontent increases, nagging, nagging and criticism become the main part of your communication. The tension of relationship often starts from "not knowing". Sexual life no longer makes you happy. 4. Sexual life no longer makes you happy. Life is the most direct reflection of your happiness. Intimacy can make your marriage stronger and more tender. It’s hard to imagine how long your family can survive when you think the other person lacks sexual attraction.

婚姻课堂:4个信号 你的婚姻有危险   凡事总有因果,婚姻也同理。总有一些讯号,提示你们的关系有危险。 提示你们的关系有危险   1、你不愿与对方共处   一段正常的情感关系,需要付出热情、精力和时间去维护,而回避绝对是麻烦的开始。对另一半的诉说不感兴趣甚至感到无聊、宁愿和女性朋友们度过周末也不愿和伴侣共处……赶紧认真找到问题的关键所在吧! 有比他更吸引你的男人存在   2、有比他更吸引你的男人存在   婚后,如果你总是被其他男人所吸引,这也是一个相当危险的信号。虽然你的目光可以投向别处,但当这种新的幻想更甚于你对另一半的深情凝视,这就是精神出轨的开始! 你变得暴躁、易怒   3、你变得暴躁、易怒   你对他的包容度直线下降,不满增多,挑剔、唠叨和批评成为你们沟通的主要部分。关系的紧张,很多时候就是从“看不惯”开始的。 性生活不再能让你感到愉悦   4、性生活不再能让你感到愉悦   性生活是你们幸福与否最直观的反映,亲密的关系能让你们的婚姻更稳固且充满柔情。很难想象当你认为对方缺少了性魅力,家庭还能够存续多久。相关的主题文章: