3 Reasons to Include Architectural Visualisation in Your Social Media Campaign

3D rendering services can be leveraged by the architects to give shape to their ideas for attracting potential investors, and by designers to illustrate their project vision to tentative buyers – justifying project costs and closing in sales quickly. A professional 3D rendering company has several tools at its disposal to transform any idea into a luxurious, ready-to-move space. And what tools are these? Let’s explore together:

Table of Contents: Growing popularity of architectural visualisation Why use 3D visualisation on social media? Gain trust Show off your skills Understand trends

A 2019 report by Allied Market Research places the global market for 3D architectural visualisation and rendering software at $2,904 million by 2023, a significant leap from $747 million in 2016. The demand for software has seen a particularly steep rise in the real estate and construction segments. The question now isn’t Why use architectural visualisation? It’s How to leverage its potential across all user engagement channels? The average user spends nearly two-and-a-half hours on social media every day. That’s a lot of content consumption, considering the amount of information available today. But the average attention span is just 8 seconds. How do you ensure that your content doesn’t become another post that people scroll past? How do you make them click on that ‘see first’ button or subscribe to receiving notifications for your latest posts? By engaging your audience creatively through architectural rendering services.
When planning your social media strategy, put yourself in the shoes of your followers – would you click on any link with plain, old content, or like and share a 360-degree immersive image?

When you don’t want to see just text in your feed, why expect anything different from your followers?

Architectural visualization is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your users and quickly build your brand. Photorealistic architectural rendering generates lifelike furnishing, décor, textures, backgrounds, and human figures on landscapes, property exteriors and interiors, streets, parks, and gymnasiums – engaging your users in an immersive experience. These interactive images: Provide attractive content for your users to consume Gently coax them to click and learn more about your brand Drive organic, high-quality, and relevant leads to your site Help convert these leads into customers 3D architectural visualization: The key to generating trust in your brand An overwhelming majority of architectural firms in the AEC industry are comprised of startups and small businesses. In such a crowded marketplace, standing out and attracting the right clients becomes difficult. Not only do small and medium businesses have shoestring marketing budgets, they cannot easily compete with bigger fish, as their brand name isn’t that well established. Fortunately, the image-driven world of social media brings respite, helping businesses create effective marketing strategies with greater ROI.
Showing off your portfolio on social media has become a necessity today. Likes for likes, retweets, and mentions are just some of the many things that multiply your brand’s digital footprint manifold – and the more engaging your work, the better impressions it generates. Architectural visualization and 3D walkthrough animation keep users engaged with your content, positioning your brand as their go-to solution, whether they want to renovate, remodel, or construct a new building altogether. Photorealistic architectural rendering: Showcase the expertise of your business Architectural visualization allows you to highlight the details of a project, whether it’s a proposed idea or is under construction. 3D artists can digitally render a building’s interior and exterior, calling attention to its most effective elements and design specifications that entice potential investors and buyers. For instance, a designer wants to add a kitchen island in a house. One way to go about it is to talk about different materials and design styles on social media. The other, more effective way is to showcase multiple designs against the backdrop of the same kitchen – something that can be achieved easily with 3D architectural visualization.
This room doesn’t exist, but the designer can convey her expertise to her followers. She can even take the conversation further by creating polls on which design users like better. Not just interior designers, but millwork companies, architects, lighting contractors, material suppliers, and painters can leverage architectural visualization to showcase their skill sets as well. The ability of CGI software to view images from any perspective and angle is another reason why rendered images are sought after. You can highlight the best parts of your project, add it to an infographic on social media, and create visuals that grab viewers’ attention. Who knows, somebody might make an offer for that new property you’re designing. The possibilities are endless! Architectural visualization: Helping understand and partake in trends Victorian-style exteriors are grand, but are they the hottest design trend? Should you go for minimalist façades instead? Questions like these are pertinent if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Unfortunately, this doesn’t factor in the design phase of a project. Understanding trends and what users want makes you their preferred partner.
For example, you’re thinking of building several houses in an up-and-coming location. Why not design something that people would actually like to live in? Share the prototype renders on your social media pages and ask for feedback. This will help you gain valuable perspective into viewers’ (and potential buyers’) minds and recreate in-demand blueprints. Since changes can be easily incorporated, you can finally build a customer-centric structure that appeals to buyers post-construction. There you have it – the value architectural 3D visualization adds to your brand presence online. Want to see it in action? Book a demo with BluEntCAD, the USA’s most beloved,