The boss from the street to the Shishi Ji richest beyond Foxconn doat

The boss from the street to the Shishi Ji richest beyond Foxconn recently, the news that someone was eating Wangwang, luck did not change and therefore sued Wang, Wangwang food, a lot of attention in the bo… Everyone laugh. After that, it found that 2016 of "Forbes" rich list released in China Taiwan rankings, Foxconn science and technology group Terry Gou came second. Beyond the famous manufacturers, is Huashan ancestral village Shishi Ling Xiu Town, Wangwang group chairman Cai Yanming. This is the two time since 2015, Cai Yanming won the title of richest man in Taiwan. And many were born poor, make efforts in life after suffering from rich are totally different from, do not love reading, wandering in the colorful world of Cai Yanming, because of a business failure and a personality change, enlightened overnight. Cai Yanming’s career is not smooth, but in the end he proved that he would not lose. A 19 year old, 1 hundred million lost light, night hear the dog barking at the age of 19 Cai Yanming, father from friends took food factory in Yilan. Because there is no time to run, his father will be the food factory to operate Cai Yanming. At that time Cai Yanming, without enthusiasm for reading, every day hanging out in the streets and the cinema. Cai Yanming, who had no culture and no management knowledge, could not find a clue when he first arrived at the factory. He said: "my account also cannot read, people do not know, I do not dare to ask. Profit and loss statement is made, I do not know." In this way, he made a bold decision – no longer OEM export, to do their own brand products. He said: "the foundry to look at the other people, to lower prices, even at any time may kick you out." At that time, Yilan food factory is an export processing plant, the main production of canned fish. Cai Yanming think OEM do not want to look at other people’s face, then decided to turn it into a domestic brand, and began to produce squid flavor". However, the business situation is expected beyond Cai Yanming, doing domestic things to sell on credit, but it has not come back the money. More than a year down, Cai Yanming did not usher in the expected success, lose 1 billion, not only will the factory original capital all lose light, also need money to remedy the family. For a long time, he did not dare to look up, afraid to see his family. With the "black sheep" label, he even felt everyone laughing at him. One night, deep sleep in Cai Yanming’s dream of a dog barking at her, it is like calling her. The dark night, Cai Yanming will get up, run to the local worship dogs eight temple worship. Since then, Cai Yanming has been through the streets of the convergence of mind, like a changed man. Always wanted to prove to the world he is not the prodigal son of Cai Yanming, was found in the publishing business opportunities. It took more than two years until, young Cai Yanming finally gave him the cold-shoulder treatment repeatedly from the father "and" publishing Japan as the hands of the frame, Gamigo manufacturing technology. So, Yilan food factory became "Wangwang" food factory, Cai Yanming Gamigo business developed, go to the temple to worship the pilgrims had eight in a continuous line up. Two, a fierce fight, Wangzai young Cai Yanming said, "in the street to see a year, more than three years of reading"]相关的主题文章: