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Marketing Ordering a business card CAN be a very simple endeavor. But that doesn’t mean it will be. In fact, getting the best business card for your business can feel like quite a production. There are a lot questions you may be asking yourself. Should I design it myself? Use a template I find online? Should I hire a designer? What are the best colors for my business card? What content should I put on it? What should go on the back? To simplify things — the best business card for your business is going do to but a few simple things… 1. It’s going to look professional. Which means don’t choose any online template just because it matches your industry. Drab, overused clipart is probably not the best idea. Neither is a basic card with just your logo on it. You want it to be more memorable than that. Besides, there are too many websites offering high impact designs to settle for a forgettable card. 2. It’s going to be memorable and give a prospect something to talk about. The best business cards are the ones that really engage prospects and create a lasting impression on them. Either by design, by content, or by the business card itself. Need an example? Business cards don’t just .e in paper form. There are plastic business cards (even clear plastic too). There are wood, 3D, and metal business cards. There are chocolate business cards. And there are affordable rounded corner business cards or vertical business cards. Quality content and design, .bined with a unique layout or business card material can help you elicit that verbal reaction, and make your business card quite memorable. 3. It’s going to be an AD! Yes, an ad. A business card that only has your contact information on it is a contact card. Contact cards don’t win business. The best business cards are powerful little ads that help create a positive impression of your .pany. Think about it this way. If you ran a 1/16th page Yellow Pages ad, would you only put your name and telephone number on it? Of course not. Well, think of your business card as the same blank ad canvas, and include some content that will impress your clients, establish you as an expert, build trust, and sell them on the idea of doing business with you. There’s nothing wrong with putting a headline and some benefits on your business card, okay? 4. Guide your prospects next move. Perhaps the biggest business card mistake of all is that they don’t direct the prospect’s next action. The best business cards ALWAYS do. Don’t leave it up to your prospect to call you or visit the website you list in your contact details. In reality, few of them will. But if you give them a reason to pick up the phone… or if you offer them something of value… or if you guide them to something specific on your website (a video, a testimonial page, a report uncovering the 3 dirty secrets plumbers don’t want you to know, etc.) then you identify and control their next move, and pull them deeper into your sales funnel. A wise move for sure. In short, the best business cards go just a little bit beyond the norm. They look good. They’re memorable. They’re selling tools. And they guide your prospects next move. Follow those 4 simple guidelines and your business card is sure to win you more customers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: