Italy Mountain earthquake has caused 73 deaths and many people are still missing tencent upd

Strong earthquake in central Italy has caused 73 people died and many people are still missing – a strong earthquake occurred in Beijing mountainous area of central Italy on the morning of 24 serious disaster, killing at least 73 people, a large number of buildings damaged, many villages were razed to the ground. Italy civil defense Bureau of Emergency Rescue Department responsible person called Kolata? The Persian Diliaonei said the same day, the death toll is likely to increase. Clearly felt in Rome, Posti Leo Hei said: "there are still a lot of people are still buried under the ruins, a lot of people missing." According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake information network news, the earthquake occurred at 3:36 local time (Beijing time 9:36), near the epicenter is located in the Umbria town of noel exactly, the focal depth of only 10 kilometers, magnitude 6.2; Italy determination for 6; research center of European sea earthquake magnitude of 6.1. The earthquake to Umbria, Lazio and Marche three large area damage, including Lazio city and accumoli amath in cutting Marche City, south of the town of Pescara, the most serious disaster. Italy TV reported in Pescara, south of the town, an elderly couple was crushed by the collapse of housing. The adjacent accumoli residents were killed, and a family of four were buried in the rubble, missing. From the capital of epicenter more than and 100 kilometers of Rome felt obvious, many residents were awakened in his sleep. The town has been razed amatrice is a beautiful mountain city, is about pasta seasoning amatriciana domestic popular "home", is a summer resort, when the earthquake occurred, there are a lot of tourists. Mayor Searl coke introduction, the earthquake caused widespread damage, half of the village is gone, there are people buried under the ruins of the following…… (earthquake triggered a mudslide), a bridge may collapse". Local resident Lena mercantini? Said: "felt too strong. The bed feels like we’re walking around the room." Another resident Olga Barney? Ur said: "it was terrible. (I heard) wall rattling all the books fell from the shelf." A woman sitting in front of the destroyed house, too sad to tell her name. "It was one of the most beautiful towns in Italy," she said. "Now there’s nothing left. I don’t know what we’re going to do in the future." Local television footage showed that the disaster area of rubble, many buildings were razed to the ground, local residents and just arrived at the scene of the rescue workers to find survivors in the rubble. The Associated Press, amatrice center of the city was destroyed by the earthquake, many buildings were razed to rubble and scrap metal rolled down the street, the air was full of dust. Residents gathered in the square. As of the same day in the morning, there were at least 39 aftershocks, some of which reached magnitude of magnitude 5.1. Official sources said, Pescara south of the town has been completely broken". The fire brigade from aerial photographs show that the whole town was razed". Pescara Road south of the building is on both sides of the rubble. Local society相关的主题文章: