Huang Taiji tells a story to the capital, but the user does not pay clazziquai

Huang Taiji tells a story to the capital, but the user does not buy the single Tencent of science and technology Zheng Kejun boss Huang Taiji He Chang had been a man, he put the "sell pancakes" such a little thing, made more than 100 million of the financing, the valuation of about one billion, also through the beauty of the boss and the sports car to send pancakes and other hot topics won a high degree of attention, has become a model in the catering circle and cross-border Internet circle. Visible, he Chang is a "marketing" is very proficient people. Not only that, Huang Taiji strong financing capability has also been strong concern in venture capital circles: January 2013 was the Innovation workshop millions of angel round of financing; June 2015 share tens of millions of investment A round of financing in August 2015 was spectacular, wanglian; share investment institutions 180 million yuan B round of financing; in April 2016, hungry tens of millions of yuan investment strategy of Huang taiji. But recently, Huang Taiji traced to its many closed line takeaway workshop, a number of cooperative collective home or suspend cooperation morning news, also make it because of the high degree of concern and in the opinion of the prison. The essence of business recently, a lot of investment chiefs like to tell Entrepreneurs: you must not forget the nature of business. In fact, after the O2O burn wars and "free" era, with the increasingly high cost of traffic, and has experienced several qualities of entrepreneurs uneven in quality, investors become increasingly savvy. Now with BP to talk about financing, if not get real good earnings data, not even after a period of operation, it will inevitably see investors frowned and shook his head, picked up the drinking water or frequent scene. – they have become more and more cautious after the loss. But in a few years ago, investors are relatively simple. For example, once voted Huang Taiji investors in public is to say: "someone wrote a critique of the Internet thinking, and to criticize Huang Taiji speculation, before we have similar concerns, is rarely seen as he Chang so can say entrepreneurs. For the first time with his exchange, tight time, content, and at first I was worried about his smooth back, because he was 30 minutes of continuous speech, almost no breath, too much to say." He Chang is able to say, and talked about a class of "BELLE group" story, deeply touched by investors. This is a very big story: in a shopping district will be a number of brands intensive shop. As the nature of the business model of BELLE group is a multi brand cluster intensive Kongpan department store shop, Huang Taiji will carry more food and beverage brands in CBD, Zhongguancun district a, each store will open up independently, form a good synergy. But the present situation is, "Mr. Niu stew stew," "crazy," rhubarb "small Hot pot dumplings," never "to" takeaway brand although have been on the line, but was the core area of Beijing area exposed Huang Taiji began to shut shop, line factory store also closed shop tide phenomenon, which seems to have from the original "values" idea more and more far. There is no store, take what to carry these attractive restaurant brand? After the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival, Huang Taiji Wangjing SOHO shop did not open, but in the final analysis, this.相关的主题文章: