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Small Business For somebody who’s a techie, 4G is something you must already be familiar with. However, if you’re not one of those who’s fond of electronic gadgets, you should know that there’s more to 4G than meets the eye. 4G is .monly referred to as beyond 3G, a fourth generation wireless technology equipped with a more .prehensive and secured Internet Protocol. It is acknowledged to deliver users with higher speed and better quality anytime, anywhere. It’s packed with better features .pared to its predecessors. Contrary to what others may think, 4G is not limited to mobile phones alone but also in .puters. If you’re someone who’s fond of watching videos online, you’ll find that 4G provides high definition videos regardless of your location. You can surf the internet faster using any web-enabled devices you have by connecting them to the 4G modem. You can chat with your friends faster, hear their voices clearer and monitor their cams without pauses and disruptions. You can also share pictures and videos without too much hassle. In case you’re going out, you can still use your cellphone to surf the net with 4G mobile technology. So why is 4G highly regarded than 3G or other types of mobile phone network? We are living in a high-tech world wherein fresh technological innovations are discovered almost everyday. 4G happens to be one of the most advanced and recent mobile phone networks in today’s time. It is the network of choice by many since it is very accessible. It also has a very high data rate amounting to 100 Mbps and a very wide bandwidth adequacy which other networks fail to provide. There are pitfalls nonetheless. The main one is that as a cutting edge technology there is likely to be very few places that actually have a 4G network in position. Odds are it is used first in highly urbanized areas before it spreads out to rural areas. To remedy this problem, a lot of .panies set 4G hotspot areas where users can go to and use it free of charge. In some cases, there are .puters which aren’t applicable with 4G since it’s engineered for Windows. Today, almost all kinds of mobile phones are suited for 4G. But, many techies believe that smart phones are the best because of their quality digital cameras. Others use T-mobile and iPhones which are likewise 4G .patible devices. A further issue will be the price. You can have these gadgets with or without 4G contract. A device with a 4G contract is cheaper with price starting at 199 to 299 US Dollars while those without a contract can cost you 599 to 699 US Dollars. Switching to 4G is a creditable decision you can make especially if you’re someone who’s into the latest technological craze and doesn’t want to be left behind. With so many features it offers, 4G is certain to influence the way you look at technology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: