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.puters-and-Technology New tablet ebook readers have been introduced into the market with more versatility, and convenience. They allow the user access to more than just reading books, magazines, and blogs. So how do they stack up so far against dedicated ebook reading devices? Lets find out. Tablet Readers: Rising Up to Take Their Place at the Forefront With tablet readers, youve got more access to more features. The android platform is the emerging major contender able to mimic what any reader and tablet can do,and with more apps .ing out by the day, the possibilities are limitless. It certainly is no fun to buy a newly released electronic device today that pretty much only does one thing, and versatility in tablet readers is always wel.ed, as well as more expected. So what can tablet readers do? They can do everything laptops and desktop .puters can do. Well, at least thats where things are clearly headed, if theyre not already there. Anyways, how about play music youve either downloaded from a service or mp3s youve uploaded on your own? The Pocketbook IQ 701 is one such emerging example which can perform as a music player, and thats just the beginning. It has lots more features which further distance it apart from single-use ebook readers by a wide margin, given that it has access to the app store for Android. Always a handy feature to have, media players are the norm on tablets (the Nook Color .es to mind). This advantage marks the growing demands consumers are placing on tablets to do more and more, so it will be interesting to see how the manufacturers address this one as far as playing multimedia. Ebook Readers: Falling by the Wayside Fast Dedicated ebook readers are for people who read a lot of print media, and dont really care for anything else, or they may already have a device or netbook that already does what an ebook reader can never do. As for advantages? The list is dwindling. Yes, some single-use ereaders can play some games and surf the web, but they pale in .parison to tablets and laptops. People who want a dedicated reader are going to miss the features they so easily access on other devices, but they will be able to read their favorite titles with the greatest of ease, because thats simply what ereaders do they clearly display the pages of a traditionally printed book or magazine, and they do it very well. The iPad is arguably the most popular among tablets and dedicated ebook reading devices (and laptops too). It set the standard in ease of use and holds countless possibilities given the considerable number of apps available for it. The iPad bears mentioning here simply because it can perform as both a tablet and as a standard reader. With a range in price from $500 to over $830, it is the priciest of the models touched on here. The .parison of traditional ebook readers to tablets are almost now a no-brainer when it .es to deciding one over the other. Unless you really read a large amount of books, youre probably better off with the tablets .ing out pretty frequently now. Youll get more for your money and youll be happier for it too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: