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Games The game picks up where the last one ended, featuring the same protagonist as its predecessor, namely Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who discovers his home town was besieged by the Templars. He fights them off in efforts to help his fellow villagers flee to safety. A new enemy then shows up on the scene (whose name shall not be revealed to spare readers from game spoilage). Ezio is injured while hopelessly trying to prevent the murder of one of his colleagues. He then decides that, instead of immediately pursuing the enemy in what would be almost certain death, he must travel to the ancient Italian city of Rome in order to recruit new assassins to help him defeat the corrupt-but-powerful Templar Order. It is this recruitment of young assassins that puts the brotherhood keyword in the games title. Ezio is capable of .manding and controlling his team of brotherly killers through Ubisofts new brotherhood assisted moves feature, or BAM for short. Players can call in single assassins or even groups of them for assistance in taking out the enemy. You can even take off to do other stuff while your brothers do your dirty work for you. You can train them as you see fit, either focusing on a handful of special pupils or training them all equally. Players get to choose from six different sets of attire to dress their character in, each clad with their own unique weapon set. These sets change as the game progresses. Players even get to ride horses around, allowing them to conduct mounted assassinations. The game even features a new rope gimmick that allows a player to cut a rope and, while holding on to it, get propelled up as if they were in a lift. Ubisoft claims that the city of Rome is three times bigger than any other city featured in previous releases. Ubisoft additionally took heed of player .ments, especially addressing .plaints about slow gameplay. According to Ubisoft, the gameplay in previous releases felt too slow. As a result, Brotherhood features faster, more aggressive enemies for players to .bat. They have removed the boredom of fighting enemies that was present in previous releases. In Brotherhood, the player is always at risk of getting his butt kicked, as enemies will now gang up on the player instead of fighting in order. To .pensate, Ubisoft allows the player to fight with two hands. This sequel possesses the same exciting game mechanics as the last, but with a better storyline and more interesting objectives. Ubisoft obviously learned from their mistakes, and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is the homework that proves it. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is set to be released mid-November 2010 for worldwide release on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and sometime during Q1 2010 for the Microsoft Windows platform. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: