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Home-Improvement The central theme in my home repeats itself over and over from room to room. In my family, one of the greatest pleasures we have is to read. Walking through my house you will find wall book shelves in corners against the walls and even under stair cases. A wall book shelf is a great source of pride and education for any home. I have noticed it can influence the behavior of everyone in the house. Just having books present makes everyone more likely to read. When books were written by hand and were not produced in great quantities they were kept in small containers. As volumes accumulated homes of the wealthy started storing them on shelves or cupboards. Later the doors were discarded and the evolution of the book shelf proceeded. There are two main types of wall book shelves. Either ready made which may be adjustable or fixed shelves which you can build yourself from either raw materials or from a ready made pack. You can find many different types of materials like chipboard, plywood, blockboard, softwood, hardwood, metal, glass and plastic. Chipboard is readily available and inexpensive. Plywood and blockboard are mainly materials that are used for sheds and storage areas. Softwood gives your shelves a great effect if it is cut and finished properly. Hardwood is the best choice for most shelves because of its strength and durability. The downside is that it is very expensive. Metal is strong but it is normally used for pre built units. You would need many special tools to build a shelf out of metal. Glass can be a safety hazard and it is mainly used for light weight displays. Plastic works best for small shelving units. Shelving should suit the way that you live and the space that you have. There are an abundance of different sizes to ac.modate your walls. They are a perfect way to display your books and collectables as a decorative theme. Plastic and some woods can be painted to match the decor of your room. Some ready made shelving has intricate fancy wood carvings for an elegant finish. I have also seen fabric or wallpaper placed on the front of the shelves for an artistic look and feel. On the wall book shelve that my husband built by hand he screwed decorative knobs into the unit so we could hang objects from it. There is also a large shelf on top where I have placed my decorative plates for display. As an added touch there are picture frames and candle holders in between the books. This has given it a modern and clean look. A wall book shelf helps to unclutter a room and makes the room look larger and can serve a double purpose by dividing a room. Light colored shelves divide without being to dominating. For a dramatic impact you should pick out a darker shade of wood. Arrange the books by size for a more visually pleasing effect. Make sure you store the larger books on the bottom in the deeper shelves. Another option is to cover your books with a monotone paper for a uniform look. In my house we have separated the fiction and non fiction from each other. This way depending on what we want to read it is easier to locate. You should always aim to fit the shelves safely and securely. Never overload the shelves. This can be dangerous especially if you have children. My favorite bookshelf is currently in my bedroom right next to my bed. It serves a double duty. I use it as my night table and as a storage area. Its design is of a house. It has .partments that I can keep my keys, watch, cell phone and a few books in. There is also a ridge on top of the house so when I place my book on top it keeps the page I last read. The wall book shelf can be a functional sculpture and a handsome space saving solution. So whether you enjoy fiction or non fiction you will reap the rewards by adding this piece of furniture to your decor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: