The three thieves stole 120 thousand cash lock small targets around the world t420s

The three thieves stole 120 thousand cash lock set around the world of small target suspects in the circle of friends show off their wealth police for map Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Zhao Xiang reporter Tao Weizhou) just from the bank to get 120 thousand yuan home to do business, but it was a thief. Nanjing Qinhuai police investigation, tracked the thief halfway around the Chinese caught them. In August 28th, Mr. Zhou Nanjing Chaotiangong police station received a public alarm, said he in the home of 120 thousand cash stolen. Scene investigation police found the suspect is unlocked through technology into the interior. Look at the small monitor, by adjusting the police found that the incident that day at about 10 o’clock, the 3 suspects in the area, after half an hour, leave in a hurry, but the hand has a bag. Along a road tracking monitoring, police found the suspects had fled from Nanjing to Zhenjiang. The police tracked over the night. However, when the police arrived, 3 people have left Zhenjiang and fled to Wuhan. In August 29th, the police rushed to Wuhan, but found that the suspect went to Huangshi. The assistance of the police in Huangshi, police successfully arrested the suspect liu. In September 8th, according to the police clues, rushed to Guangzhou and arrested the suspect zhang. Later, was traced to Guiyang and then to Changzhou, finally returned to Guangzhou and arrested the suspect hwang. "Chasing the suspect ran half a China." Police investigators said jokingly. According to the three men, they are technical unlock from the Internet to learn, they also set up a "goal", plans to travel around the world by stealing. The police also found that they succeeded after the theft, to show off sun money often in the WeChat circle of friends.

三小偷技术开锁偷走12万现金 定下环游世界小目标 嫌疑人在朋友圈炫富 警方供图   快报讯(通讯员 秦公轩 赵祥 记者 陶维洲)刚从银行取了12万元放家中准备做生意,不料就遭了贼。南京秦淮警方展开侦查后,追踪小偷绕了半个中国将他们抓获。   8月28日,南京朝天宫派出所接到市民周先生报警,称自己放在家中的12万现金被盗。民警现场勘查发现,嫌疑人是通过技术开锁进入室内的。通过调看小区监控,警方发现,案发当天10点钟左右,3名嫌疑人进入该小区,半个小时后匆匆离开,但手上已经多了个袋子。   顺着监控一路追踪,警方发现嫌疑人已经逃离南京,前往了镇江。警方当晚便追踪了过去。然而,当警方赶到时,3人已经离开了镇江,逃往武汉。   8月29日,民警赶到武汉,却发现嫌疑人又去了黄石。在黄石警方的协助下,办案民警成功将嫌疑人刘某抓获。9月8日,警方根据线索,赶赴广州将嫌疑人张某抓获。之后,又追踪到贵阳再到常州,最后又返回广州将嫌疑人黄某抓获。“追着嫌疑人跑了半个中国了。”办案民警打趣地说。   据三人交代,他们是从网上学到的技术开锁,他们还定了个“小目标”,打算通过盗窃周游全世界。警方还发现,他们盗窃得手后,经常在微信朋友圈上晒钱来炫富。相关的主题文章: