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The bottle says Napoleon Napoleon is Cognac? Sohu eat and drink in the student’s impression of Napoleon is a famous historical figures; however, since Cognac, was several identities of Napoleon lost his mind. Some people say that it is a Cognac level, more people say that this is a Cognac brand. This is how to return a responsibility? In fact, these claims are on, then these and our protagonist Napoleon Cognac (Courvoisier) what is the relationship? "Multiple identity of Napoleon" (1) historical figures: the French emperor Napoleon I of Napoleon I was all-powerful emperor of France, he is considered a military genius. Napoleon went, often ever-victorious, invincible. He is the founder of the first French Empire, because more illustrious contribution of immortal. As the saying goes, the French Sambo, Wine, champagne, Cognac! Indeed, these 3 things are the most proud of, the great military also does not hide him on these loved wine. Wine in his great love is when fame is not great Burgundy (Bourgogne) incense Beidan (Chambertin), the champagne he is favor Moet and Chandon (Champange Moet & Chandon) in Cognac, he also now Napoleon Cognac has a special liking, he passed every expedition before going to take a whole the barrel of affection shows between the lines. (2): Cognac brand community one of the big four of Napoleon’s English name is not Napoleon, but Courvoisier, why to China was translated as Napoleon? In fact, as already mentioned, this is the name of Napoleon Cognac from the famous Napoleon I. Because the emperor Napoleon once stayed in Napoleon Cognac winery, and took a few barrels of Cognac, then the Cognac has been accompanying Napoleon British officers appreciated, so they called it the "The Cognac of Napoleon", or "Napoleon Cognac". Then in 1869, Napoleon’s successor Napoleon III also awarded the Napoleon Cognac imperial suppliers (Fournisseur de la Cour Imperiale) "title, which laid a more natural position of Napoleon Cognac in france. So, when the introduction of Cognac to China when the name of Napoleon makes you suddenly remember it! It is said that Napoleon, the Cognac brand logo (pictured above) is the Napoleon emperor’s silhouette. (3): Cognac and XO have the statutory level at the same time the old Cognac regulations, there are three main levels, including VS, VSOP and XO. In fact, this is the most common method in the regulations, also known as a Cognac Napoleon grade and XO belong to the same class. In fact, this level of the birth of emperor Napoleon and Napoleon and Cognac have in addition相关的主题文章: