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Computers-and-Technology Most of us who use the internet take search engines for granted. We simply enter what we are looking for, hit enter, and almost instantly many options for us to review are available. Search engines are the most used form of finding information on the internet. It is like having a huge book of knowledge with anything you could possibly be looking for right at your fingertips. Search engines can help you locate a specific website, find sellers of a certain item, allow you to compare prices for the best deal, and locate reviews. It is also very popular to lead you to manufacturer’s websites for information and recall information. However, if your subject is too broad you will get more hits than you can imagine. On the other hand, making your subject too specific will narrow your hits to only a few. If you aren’t having any luck finding what you are looking for, try changing the keywords or broadening the wording to allow more hits to be matched against your search criteria. Most search engines do more than link you to written information. You can specify the information returned to be of images, photos, news, maps, or scholar information. Try these specific areas to help you find the particular information you are looking for. You might also consider using a different search engine to expose new materials on a particular topic. Some of the hits will be similar, but you will find many that are different as each search engine has their own formula for gathering information based on your criteria. Excite was one of the first search engines, introduced in 1993. Today, it is run in conjunction with the very popular (also known as .Ask..). 1994 saw the popularity of Yahoo. Alta Vista hit the . in 1995. The most popular search engine, Google, became well known in 1997. Regardless of the search engine you prefer to use, they are a great way to gather information quickly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: