Qingdao Beer Festival lineup gorgeous Coco Lee hot Jolin concert in Beijing ssport

Qingdao Beer Festival hot Jolin Concert – Gorgeous lineup Coco Lee Beijing, Beijing, 28 September, recently, the "Qingdao pure West Shanghai Festival" in Xuhui Binjiang green gorgeous open two days a fantastic journey. With the theme of the bird of paradise, like a musical drama performances interspersed in the band performances to create a domestic theme music festival. Dream stage design, a variety of performance and super artist lineup, so that the audience feel an unprecedented audio-visual experience. Two Asian Diva Coco Lee and Jolin performances for Qingdao pure Health Festival perfect ending. Two days nearly 6 million Tencent video users online watch, so that the audience can not enjoy the same scene in the field of music feast. Gorgeous squad devotion to Coco Lee Jolin concert in Qingdao pure health zebra Music Festival this year’s lineup is the strength value of Yan double play, different from other music festival in the artist’s choice, pop band based, large coffee day sits, let the music festival appear diversity, more inclusive and more surprises. The first day of SNH48, Xu Weizhou Yoga Lin, so that all the audience enough, Coco Lee, Jolin second days after the finale of the drama staged. Coco Lee rarely appeared on the stage at the festival, to bring the level of team debut concert festival, hot days lit every love music in the air cell with enthusiasm. On the stage of Coco Lee fans and frequent interaction, finished "beautiful stupid woman", asked: "do you have a drink tonight Qingdao pure draft beer?" And the fans are screaming and shouting, beer and music to ignite the enthusiasm of all. Jolin as the zebra Music Festival this year’s finale, the countdown video create new styles associated with the fans screamed out. "The artist" "rewind" "I love you"…… A classic song will be harmonious and warm atmosphere of the scene, the debut of her 18 year old inverse growth, will always be the day after Jolin. The new sports department debut of the women’s day TS919, but also for the zebra Music Festival presented wonderful performances, made their debut debut. A "ship of hope" the opening dance, TS919 live baby dance skill show, "live your dream music" the most incisive interpretation. Cross-border fashion trend of the elements of this magnificent perfect bloom time festival in the past, to break the domestic music festival stage only singing performance mode, into a beautiful legend throughout. Stage design is the magnificent bird of paradise, and this theme in the five chapter "the dream" jailolo "nation" nightmare "full of wit" came the "bird of paradise" magic "bird of paradise" Carnival musical opening show form throughout the band, the beautiful legend bird of paradise with gorgeous stage performance the show to the audience. Qingdao pure Health Festival stage changes for the T station, the integration of a variety of fashion elements, to convey the bird of paradise to break through, the release of free, awaken the soul of spiritual significance. Cool stage, exciting content, super lineup, amazing stage forms are destined to make "Qingdao pure health zebra music on the west coast of Shanghai.相关的主题文章: