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Home-and-Family Do you ever dream of a fresh plan for winning story contests – quickly? Just consider these easy to use tips to win story contests. Test them for yourself and refine them to your personal requirements. All will perform very efficiently to win story contests – and faster than you would ever think. A lot of writers make a weekly paycheck from contests. You could do the same. To win story contests reliably, you should consider your fiction recreation like a business. That means view competitions as a task that you commit to every day, five days a week. One competition win may not amount to much yet many prizes every week accumulate a profitable sum Assume a new mindset, that of the professional author. Contests can still be a hobby but it’s more pleasant if you also get paid. The first priority is to set up some kind of log book system. Paper files quickly go out of date – so choose a database program. But such programs take a long while to learn. It’s easier to explore the Table option in a word processing program for such a simple application. You need good records. A paper filing system is hard to organize. A computerized system will jog you, especially if you link it to a calendar. Look into every competition which looks promising. Do a Net search. Put the event instructions plus deadline in the table then arrange those due dates in chronological order so you won’t miss a single contest. Where will you find the best contest details? Some contests are not on the web. Subscribe to writers’ magazines and check your local newspapers. Don’t be distracted! It’s not your pasttime now. It’s your job. Allocate yourself a specific time to complete and register every entry. Keep your focus. Find a special place in your house where you commit yourself to write for a given period every day. Sir Walter Scott was famous for writing eight hours a day without fail and his work made him wealthy. Be selective about the events you will research. Use highly particular key words in the search box. Perhaps "story contests UK 2011". The prolix phrases will bring you the best returns. Tell yourself you’ll research ten new contests every day and jot the details into your database. Then choose the ones that will give you the best returns for least time. Log closely the cash you expend on all the contests and the labor you invest over the year. What payback are you receiving in awards? If it’s not exciting, perhaps you need to enhance your stories or choose your contests more ruthlessly. Log your time spent. Ascribe a monetary value to every hour and ask yourself regularly if your work is being rewarded. Don’t forget to note your costs incurred like postage and office supplies. Sometimes, they are allowable for tax. To keep yourself energized, think of a good home for your cash you’ll win. When you’re familiar with the process, you will be in a position to acquire many extra small self-indulgent pleasures. With more experience, you may get substantial wins virtually each week. It’s a win-win story scheme. Dream about what you will do with your contest wins. It will keep you motivated through those bleak ‘dry’ periods every writer faces. And you’ll soon be a contest professional. Only take on board these tested tips and it won’t be long before you will enjoy more contest wins. All are simple to make happen plus every idea is a pleasure to do! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: