Potty Training For Puppies And The 4 Important Uses Of Dog Crates-aizi

Pets 1. Potty Training for Puppies using dog crates Taking your dogs and puppies outside after each nap or meal is the most important part of potty training for puppies. No play or treats until he has done his business. If he hasnt done his business in 10 minutes or so take him back in the house and put him in the dog crates. Wait 10 or 15 minutes again and repeat the procedure. Take the dogs and puppies out again to eliminate. The dogs and puppies will soon get the idea that there is no play until the dogs and puppies do their business. When the dogs and puppies do their business lavish praise upon them and have a good play with them. This is a highly successful method of house training puppies. 2. Using Dog Crates as a Playpen for Dogs and Puppies Until dogs and puppies are sufficiently trained for us to feel confident that they will not have an accident in the house or chew something, it is a good idea to place dogs and puppies in the dog crates when we leave the house. If your dogs and puppies have any accidents in the house you can use the dog crates as a disciplinary tool showing that eliminating in the house in not acceptable. You should not leave the dogs and puppies in the dog crates for more than the time that they can go without needing to potty. This amount of time will increase as the dogs and puppies mature and can be lengthened accordingly. When potty training puppies, do not feed dogs and puppies immediately before placing them in the dog crates without taking them outside first. Make sure that you have taken the dogs and puppies outside and that they have thoroughly eliminated before leaving them. 3. Using Dog Crates as a Quiet Place for Dogs and Puppies To Settle Down Dog crates are not only good for potty training for puppies they are good as a playpen for dogs and puppies providing an excellent place to put your dogs and puppies when we need them out from underfoot for a little while. Dogs and puppies can sometimes get overly excited. You dont need the craziness of dogs and puppies running through the house chasing the kids and jumping on the furniture. Giving dogs and puppies a time out is no different from giving a child a time out, so use your dog crates for this. 4. Dog Crates Are Also Great Protection for Children from Dogs and Puppies Speaking of children, dogs and puppies need naps, too! Having dog crates will provide a quiet, protected area for dogs and puppies to sleep. Once potty training for puppies is .pleted, unless there is a specific reason for the dogs and puppies needing to remain in the dog crates, you may simply leave the door open to the dog crates. Dogs and puppies will think of this as their den and will go in their on their own for a nap. Potty training for puppies is the same concept as wolves and wild dogs living in dens and will seem natural to your dogs and puppies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: