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"People’s prosecutor" ratings success Tao Yin was named "summer beak" – "people’s prosecutor" entertainment Sohu as propaganda posters of Tao Yin Sohu entertainment news from Zhejiang Yongle Film Production Co. Ltd., Beijing people’s Procuratorate, the second branch jointly produced the TV series "people’s prosecutor" CCTV is being hit in continuous. As a trade show in recent years, the play was broadcast on the audience. In addition to praise, but also on the ratings list, ranked last second. TV drama "people’s prosecutor" is based on the real case, about the battle of wits Yan Zhou municipal people’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau, public prosecution and criminal conspiracy stories. The drama abandoned all the entertainment elements, followed by the anti-corruption hot, business model to operate the theme theme. Among them, the famous actor Tao Yin as the prosecutor Xia Jingru, in addition to the identity of the prosecutor, Xia Jingru is a worthy of the name of the beak". It is reported that Tao Yin’s Procuratorate Xia Jingru is the backbone of the business, she inherited his father’s daughter, jieruqiu, smart and eloquent. Not only the work life is glib mouth, everywhere "to seize the initiative". And as a law professor husband fights his beak like in the trial scene, yiyanbuge will move out of the "marriage law" with her husband Liu bickering, the relationship between husband and wife as the work site, so that the audience can not help but to chase drama Tao Yin sent a "summer beak" title. In addition to the character of glib mouth, Xia Jingru at work is more representative of a good prosecutor. In order to further investigate the case, but also a fair trial of criminals, often work all night. In the evening broadcast of the story is not difficult to see, Xia Jingru in order to find out the truth of the case of the case of Wang Shun, repeatedly visited the relevant people, to explore clues. It is reported that the TV series, the people’s Procuratorate in the evening prime time broadcast in cctv.   相关的主题文章: