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.puters-and-Technology Nanotechnology means a form of applied science and technology where control of the matter on atomic and molecular scale is possible. When we talk about the scale or structure in nanotechnology, it means 100 nanometers or smaller than that. Basically, nanotechnology means playing with the atoms. Nano technology is showing new paths of innovation in many traditional industries like medicine and textile industry. The two main reasons for the popularity of this latest technology are: Nano technology makes it possible to make existing products and processes more cost effective and unbelievably small. New products developed on the basis of nanotechnology are more durable and efficient. Impact of Nanotechnology in the IT industry Nano technology has particularly impacted the IT industry in a big way. India, which has seen phenomenal growth in the IT sector over the last decade and the growth is continuing unabated has seen the increasing popularity of nanotechnology in different sectors and its .mercial acceptance. Manufacturers of .puter chips and other hardware are embracing nanotechnology as it has the potential of producing of smaller and faster .puters with larger memories. It has helped in creating .puter chips and other devices that are many times smaller than what other current technologies permit. Following are some of the innovations possible because of nanotechnology 32-inch flat screen .puter monitor popular now have been designed using nanotubes which are tiny cylinders that are the key building blocks. The screen designed is thin like an LCD display but it .es in a lesser price and consumes less power. Data storage capacity has improved a lot with the use of nanotechnology. Now one can save more and more data in less physical space. This has been beneficial for most of the big or small IT .panies. With the help of nanotechnology, high density, nonvolatile random access memory cards have been designed that are almost 10 times better as .pared to similarly sized regular RAM. Wireless laser mouse have also been designed with nanotechnology. This mouse is perfect for medical offices, libraries, and schools as well as for mobile professionals, gamers, and desktop users. As there is nano coating in the mouse it contains antimicrobial properties which protects the mouse from bacteria. High resolution Recordable .pact Discs (CD-R) with progressive scans are built with nanotechnology that displays the best in picture quality which is ideal for High Definition content. The discs have layers of inorganic materials, some of which are just 10 nm thick. Apart from the above mentioned IT products, there are many more products on which nano technology is making a huge impact. Thanks to the growing importance of nanotechnology in the IT industry, India is witnessing an escalation in IT jobs in this area. A growing number of IT jobs in India, the USA, or Canada demand candidates with excellent knowledge of nano technology and IT training institutes imparting training in nano technology are proving to be happy hunting grounds for scores of high-end .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: