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JINGWAH times: film last time — the ideal point of view — people.com.cn original title: the ideal in the last film was evaluated as "China last film" Yangtze River "map" released yesterday, according to the publisher said, more than 7 thousand national theater, film screenings scanty normal, to large-scale release, you can turn into a digital format. Market for the Yangtze River, the reaction, but also confirmed that the issuer’s argument, 0.2% of the row, hundreds of thousands of dollars at the box office, making the reputation of a good literary film, won an unsatisfactory results. Film to digital, it should be technically difficult to achieve. In fact, the Yangtze River map also has a digital version released. The reason why insist on film shooting, or more concerned about the texture of the screen. So, would rather sacrifice at the box office, but also to make the film format mainly released, "Yangtze River map" more tragic. In the era of digital format to replace the film, "Yangtze River map" to take film, is a bold act. When making this decision, decision makers should be aware of, to do so is to pay the price, and ultimately to the release of the film format, showing that they are still trying to stand for something. Film is the favorite of some directors. Feng Xiaogang took "1942" film, in order to fulfill their one wish, "a time up, the film is lingering in my heart.", he said; "Nie concealed woman" is all the shots taken with film, light, color, the whole scene is a real shot, didn’t do the latter, Hsiao-Hsien Hou I said: "no way, I love this scene." The director liked the film and the audience liked the film, but it was not enough to prevent the rapid expansion of digital photography. The film is too heavy, a 90 minute film, the film is about 3000 meters in length, you need a copy of the copy, each copy weighs about 25 kg, in the shipping and screening is too troublesome. The digital movie, a hard disk or even a U disk is enough. The cost of the film is too high, the production of the mother tape needs to spend nearly 400 thousand yuan, each copy is also about $twenty thousand or thirty thousand. The problem is that the film copy is not the same quality can be maintained every time, every screen will cause scratches, with the increase of scratches, about 600 screenings, the copy will be scrapped. There is no such thing as a digital movie copy. Although reluctant to film, but the first film to give up and had to give up the film is the director group. And shoot digital material can look back at the scene, editing, storage, the film must be sent back to the laboratory, from the material to the final, among the many uncontrollable conditions can occur. From the time and cost of money and the cost of creativity and other aspects of the view, the number is better than film. If all directors refuse to take a digital shot, the film will be extended for some time. But the development of digital technology is too fast, in the shooting, the quality of approximation quickly to the film to present, meet or exceed the film effect time point the day and await for it. When the quality effect of this film is the last excuse to disappear, the digital film is like a flood, and then it is difficult to block. Love with film director, how much is a bit idealistic color and Literature相关的主题文章: