Hungarian teachers Houses of Parliament demonstrated the abolition of fixed working hours Sohu news-isobuster

Hungarian teachers Houses of Parliament demonstrated the need to cancel the fixed working hours Sohu news, thousands of Hungarian teachers and supporters, 13 days before the Houses of Parliament in Budapest, Cost Square demonstrations, requiring a thorough reform of the current education system. The demonstration was initiated by the trade union of teachers. The teacher union organization believes that education and public education need to be reformed from the institutional level. The main demands of teachers’ strike committee include: the number of years of compulsory education from the current 16 years to return to the 18 year old slash materials and recovery class, person in charge of the school rights and management rights, cancel the teachers’ fixed working hours, reduce administrative burden, to give greater autonomy and other educational institutions. The president of the union, the instructor, said in a speech that the current education system is not good for children, teachers, parents and the whole country. Schools can’t help children acquire knowledge, and the rise of the nation needs classroom. Democratic teachers union chairman Laszlo said, Mendez rayy? Education direction of the current situation is worrying is wrong. The human resources department is responsible for the Education Secretary Paul Yanukovich? Laszlo told the media that the teacher demonstrations not justified, because most of the questions they can explore the roundtable held in public education and teachers in government. He said the round table talks this week involved all the problems, and the next round table talks will be held two weeks later. Not long ago, a middle school in the northeastern Hungarian city of Miskolc issued an open letter to remind people of the serious problems of the education system and think that the solution of the problem can not be delayed any longer. This open letter has been supported by many organizations and teachers. On 3 March, thousands of teachers and supporters in Miskolc protested against the government’s current education policy.

匈牙利教师国会大厦示威 要求取消固定工作时间-搜狐新闻  数千名匈牙利教师和支持者们13日在布达佩斯国会大厦前的科舒特广场示威,要求彻底改革目前的教育体系。   这次示威活动由教师工会组织发起。教师工会组织认为,教育和公共教育领域需要从制度层面进行改革。教师罢工委员会提出的主要诉求包括:将义务教育年限由目前的16岁恢复至原来的18岁,大幅削减教材和课时,恢复学校负责人的权利和经营权,取消教师的固定工作时间,减少行政负担,给予教育机构更大自主权等。   教师工会主席高洛?伊什特万妮在示威中发表讲话说,目前的教育体系对孩子、教师、家长及整个国家都不好,学校不能帮助孩子获取知识,而民族崛起需要课堂。教师民主工会主席门德赖伊?拉斯洛说,目前的教育方向是错误的,形势令人担忧。   匈牙利人力资源部负责教育的国务秘书保尔科维奇?拉斯洛当天对媒体说,当天的教师示威理由不充分,因为他们提出的大部分问题都可以在政府和教师举办的公共教育圆桌会谈中探讨。他说,本周已进行的圆桌会谈涉及所有问题,下次圆桌会谈将于两周后举行。   前不久,匈牙利东北部城市米什科尔茨的一所中学发表公开信,提醒人们关注教育体系存在的严重问题,并认为问题的解决不能再拖延下去。这封公开信得到许多机构和教师的支持。本月3日,米什科尔茨的数千名教师和支持者举行示威,抗议政府现行的教育政策。相关的主题文章: