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Home-Securtiy What better way to scare off a would be burglar with a huge ferocious dog. Theres nothing like a 80 pound malamutes ferocious bark and loud growl to tell someone they are not wel.ed. Unfortunately we all dont have that k9 .panion, either some dont like dogs, or maybe where they live dont allow dogs. Then you have to look at the vet bils, feeding cost, and other things involved. To some that just is not the answer. Either way would it be nice to have that growl, and bark on the other side of the wall. Telling the other guy go away or I will eat you up. Well thanks to technology you can have that ferocious dog with out having all the bills involved. Introducing the Electronic Barking Dog Alarm only batteries needed. This multifunctional BARKING DOG ALARM system uses an electronic radar-wave sense control. This technology allows it to see through wood, cement, brick, glass, etc. When a would be burglar enters a 1000 triangle of protection, it automatically begins barking like an angry dog. This will stop any intruder in his or her tracks. Who want to .e face to face with a ferocious house protecting watch dog. As much as any intruder would like to think they are brave and tough, step back the dog will bite. You place the electronic dog barking alarm any place you think an intruder will enter. When they .e with in the 10 feet perimeter they are surprised by kujo. You may ask does this sound real, can it really make people think it is a dog. Yes it can, the bark is on the inside of the house blocked by walls, glass, wood, or whatever your house is built by. This electronic barking dog alarm sounds real and the intruder will think it is real as well. Even if you are home you can still keep the alarm set. If you know you are having friends over you can either surprise them by kujo (as a joke) or set it to ring like a bell or chime. This allows you to know when someone is approaching your house. The electronic barking dog alarm is just another way of keep your house safe and protected. It is not up to neighborhood watch, the local security .pany, or the police to keep your home safe. The responsibility falls on your shoulders. You should be doing everything you can whether small or large to protect you and your love one. The police department puts out reports every year. One of the main reason burglars or thieves do not rob certain homes is because of the house hold .panion. The author of this article advises the reader to install some home defense system whether it be some sort of home security camera system, or the electronic barking dog alarm 相关的主题文章: