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Fitness-Equipment Unable to sleep at night, not getting the rest you require on a daily basis, you keep getting up all night; all this may be symptoms of sleep apnea. It may lead the medical practitioner to the conclusion that the person is acute sleep apnea or some other sort of minor sleep disorders. But is it possible that it is the only disorder that person is suffering from, cannot it be a possibility that the person is suffering from a whole different kind of medical condition and not the sleep disorder of any kind at all? The answer to this question is that yes the person may be suffering from a .pletely different medical condition rather than the sleep apnea or sleep disorder of any other type or just the opposite, vice versa may happen, the patient may be suffering from a sleep disorder solely and nothing else at all. But another question that arises here is who is to decide what actually the sole problem is? Normally if a person is suffering a back pain he will easily go to a pharmacy, buy an off the shelf medicine, pop it in the mouth and forget about the pain and sleep peacefully. You had a very bad day at the office and that night itself you did not get any sleep, since that day the sleepless nights became a routine. What did you do after a few days; you go to the store and buy yourself pair of cpap masks or the cpap machines , whatever is available. Since then you are sleeping very nicely and having fresh mornings. A very simple method that we can access anytime and anyplace to get rid of the problems sound to be very .forting but we that in the procedure about what we are actually loosing is our health. For a short period of time due to the cpap machine you got your peaceful sleep but in the procedure you jeopardized your health. The cpap is actually something that only the patients suffering from sleep disorders and sleep apnea can use and not everybody. But do people understand that no certainly not. The root cause of the sleepless nights can be any other underlying disease, sleepless nights are a symptom of many other medical conditions as well and not only what you have concluded. So if you have suppressed the symptom with your short term methods then it is quite a possibility that over the period of time you will witness several other medical conditions at a worse condition branching out from the same old cause that you neglected. Correct and detailed investigation into the causes of the medical condition is required at all times, in every scenario prior to reaching the conclusion of the problem and the cure for the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: