Csgo released Chinese logo new official website online today www.yantasy.com

CSGO LOGO Chinese released the new official website on-line today lead: "Counter Strike: Global offensive" (CS:GO) Chinese LOGO today for the first time, the new national service website on-line synchronization. The new official website is equipped with the perfect world agent CS:GO since the release of the first poster, the addition of a large number of content section; the introduction of an open information system, now open content collection. All love CS:GO friends can be a one-stop access to the latest and most complete information, and can send your original works, share your gaming dream! CS:GO new official website entrance > > > [CS:GO Chinese LOGO first exposure] [Counter Strike: Global offensive, Chinese LOGO officially released today. CSGO Chinese LOGO [new poster debut to restore the height of the audience surprised] at the same time, CS:GO national service new posters exposure. This is the perfect world since the proxy CS:GO national service, the first release of the publicity map. You can see the map using real shooting mode plus late rendering, and CS:GO in the continuation of the international clothing poster style, the composition of a modified combination of 1-2 past the picture of the stand for the first time in modeling, 10 different characters with the same frame of confrontation, the full visual impact. CSGO in China’s first propaganda figure is worth mentioning is that the propaganda figure style shooting are all chosen foreign models, and tries to restore the role of the game image in the body, look. Tries to restore the game character real shooting mode it is reported that the shooting team for each model’s height and weight measurements have strict selection criteria and models to muscle exercise for several days before filming. In front of the camera model show a very expressive [is official website, but also an open information integration center] CS:GO added a new official website news, video, games, Raiders, novice guide, station and other sections, will provide the latest and most complete information news and interesting and rich creative works for all love CS:GO game player. The new official website CS:GO > > > entrance; the CS:GO website is not only the official voice of the official channels, but also will gather high-quality media professional reviews, news events at home and abroad, the experience content Raiders game player, game player can make a one-stop access to all relevant information and dynamic CS:GO, eliminates the search for trouble. Not only that, for novice database and detailed, but also to answer from the entry to the master game player advanced problems. Detailed information to understand the difference between a station and CS CSGO [official website content plan to open today! The most innovative is that CS:GO’s new official website is not only an information center, but also an incentive to share, support the original content of the open platform. Most home page content for the game player and the media collection, whether industry events or prospective analysis, skills Raiders game anecdotes, here can all like to vote.相关的主题文章: