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Pregnancy Women have been coping with morning sickness since the beginning of time and its the same today. Fortunately now, there is much more knowledge available about both the causes and cures for this sickness. When morning sickness starts a woman can be more equipped to deal with it, and to get a handle on this uncomfortable experience. With proper management of the symptom, the pregnancy duration can be endured and transitioned smoothly. From the very moment you become pregnant, your life will never be the same again. Your body, for the next nine months will no longer belong to you alone. Your baby and you will now have to find a way to share with each other, the good and the bad. The sickness, sometimes referred to as pregnancy sickness is definitely a part of the bad that the pregnant mother experiences. This sickness affects at least half of all pregnant women. And when morning sickness starts, it cannot be ignored. Finding a way to handle this experience is one of the expectant mothers first tasks. She will inevitably experience various symptoms starting with morning sickness. Each of these symptoms, however, can be dealt with individually with proper understanding. Morning sickness starts typically around the 6th week of pregnancy. It can last as long as the 12th week. You may be experiencing this symptom if you have an overwhelming feeling of nausea. This nausea could also be accompanied by vomiting, or the urge to do so. Women are struck in different ways by varying levels of this sensation. In order to get a grip on the sickness, it is important to know what some of its causes are. This is a good way to avoid at least a few of them in order to reduce or even completely avoid being affected by such symptoms. There are many documented causes of morning sickness. Some of these will be true in most cases and others only in a few of them. When morning sickness starts, it can be because a woman is exhibiting some of these symptoms or causes: odor sensitivity, varying hormone levels, increased bowel activity, or low blood sugar. These and other causes of morning sickness have been found to exist in pregnant women. A lot of these symptoms can be relieved with the help of your physician, usually through simple methods. Treatments for this sickness are as numerous as the causes themselves. There are even some that are considered not exactly traditional. Here are a few of the most common treatments: consuming lemons, eating more small meals during the day, bananas, saltine crackers, and drinking ginger ale, which is a nausea combatant. Once a woman understands what morning sickness is, and what causes it, she can more wisely deal with the symptoms and have a more comfortable pregnancy. One good idea is to document exactly which symptoms she is experiencing. That way a woman can more effectively target these individually and deal with them in a much more efficient manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: