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Business Reusable bags are becoming all the rage around Australia, and with good reason. For consumers, they’re a great way to cut back on the excessive number of plastic bags that are brought home from the market. For retailers, reusable bags are excellent marketing opportunities – and a great way to show they care. Don’t Add To The Problem – Offering reusable bags is a great idea even thought you may still wish to offer the traditional plastic bag option. Many retailers are opting to charge their customers a few cents apiece for plastic bags, as a way of discouraging their use and to make a bit of extra money. No matter what strategy you employ, you can rest assured that offering reusable or recyclable bags will be viewed as a very positive thing by the majority of your existing customers – and it will probably earn you brand new customers, too. Rather than add to the already enormous problem of pollution on the planet, offer recyclable and reusable bags to do your own part to lessen it. Get Your Name Out There – We all know the importance of using well designed food packaging in terms of marketing our brand and our company image. Did you know that reusable bags can serve much the same purpose? In fact, reusable or recyclable bags may even trump traditional food packaging because they get used again and again. For a small price, customers can purchase a reusable bag and reuse it each time they go shopping. The fact that they can use this bag at your store will encourage their loyalty, and result in repeat business for you – a definite win-win situation. Cut Your Own Costs – As the popularity of reusable bags increases, so does their demand. In fact, chances are high that many people will turn to reusable bags over disposable ones more as time goes by. Down the road, you might even be able to cut back on stocking disposable bags by an appreciable margin – something that will save you money and help improve your profit margin. Between the added publicity and advertising that reusable bags promote, their benefits to the environment and their cost savings, there’s no doubt about it: reusable, recyclable bags are clear winners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: