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" " " years of fallow Meilan Lake Middle School;; junior " difficult to worry about residential property owners after the completion of "Meilan Lake Middle School campus has abandoned, overgrown with weeds. Morning news reporter Zhang Jiaqi 5 years ago, the developers of Shanghai gold Luodian Meilan Lake development company committed to the buyers, will introduce the quality of kindergarten and primary school. Today, the owners were looking forward to slowly become anxious and uneasy, supporting the junior high school due to unfinished delay can not be put into use every year, weeds grow crazily, already in ruins. Children who have grown up after primary school will continue their studies In Meilan Lake community owners advocate "". "Where is the good middle school?" Are the Nordic style building, symmetrical pattern, red glazed tile roof of primary school, middle school. The blue glazed tile, but there is a world of difference, "Meilan Lake Meilan Lake Primary School Middle School Campus" sound of reading aloud, overgrown with weeds, like ruins. Owner Qiao Liang stood in the Chinese garden Meilan Lake House, overlooking the campus is two meters the mood is very complex, very much regret the choice. Beginning in the purchase, developers Shanghai goldlo store development company had promised, after the completion of the school district supporting high-quality resources, and China will introduce Fuk kindergarten normal school and middle school. "Originally in this house, with the construction of the school is an important consideration. The children will graduate from primary school to middle school next year, but the good high school where, Meilan Lake?" Qiao Liang worried. The campus is overgrown fallow for many years before the completion of 5 years, already open "Meilan Lake Primary School, middle school Meilan Lake" is still vacant. The reporter saw in the "lake middle school", the school doors locked, rusty, faintly visible in the weed cover name, not a school management. In the campus, the school has been basically completed, the cable has been paved in the classroom, but the empty one, like the ruins. The playground is overgrown with weeds, reeds and 2 meters high, from time to time the bird flew up from the grass. Campus area and construction area, there is no public information available for inquiry. Reporter walking estimates, the campus is nearly 100 meters long, about 70 meters wide, covers an area of more than 7 thousand square meters. Such a good school space off, waste of resources, watching the heartache." The lady lived in Shimabara Meilan Lake Villa fragrance said, these years, the rapid development of Meilan Lake area, has 24 District, and district under construction. Initially there are many young people to stay, the current occupancy rate of about seven or eight, the population of tens of thousands. Kindergarten and primary school built to solve the problem of school children, and with the small rise in the beginning of the child gradually increased, the demand for secondary school has become increasingly strong. It is reported that the existing 1418 primary school students meilanhu. And MS. Qiao Liang and Ms. Jiao, the owners had rushed to the school district is supporting the purchase of developers, all hope that the children can read at home. However, around two junior middle schools read into the scribe, the owners are not satisfied, the enrollment rate is not high, the teaching resources are almost saturated, more than 3 kilometers away from home. The lady said, there are more than and 10 owners for the middle school on the child’s move away from Meilan Lake community. It is reported that as soon as possible the introduction of high-quality schools, Shanghai goldlo shop development company responsible for Nordic Luodian new town of 6.8 square kilometers range slightly相关的主题文章: