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"-" Victoria Song was a love child heart injury and then exposing the emotional essence of city > > _36 > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" now every Wednesday, Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV hit, yesterday (September 21st) insult by the stimulation of Sang Lan (Medina ornaments) and Yingkong Shi decided to die, but do not want to injure the pear falls (Song Qianshi). The couple just winded into the marriage hall to greet the next parting, so many fans call "tears". With the fall of the child to say goodbye to the heart of the play, the concept of love, hatred also caused widespread hot friends. Quietly pay VS brave bluntly: pear drop Sang Lan love hot lead in "city of fantasy", and the pear falls Sang Lan represent two different views on love, which is unknown to the public pay no regrets, no cover is a bold blazing. The pear falls had more subtle Chinese emotion, Sang Lan had more emotional style bold, Messenger and simply keep firm determination of the mermaid princess with emotional persistent courage touched many viewers. But there are also many netizens said: "the pear falls too subtle, if she sang LAN so directly and should have entered the marriage hall of the castle", "pear falls and treat CaSO feelings are reserved person, this is a common love must also can let two people together reason". "-" the concepts of emotion is also present different values of collision innuendo, become one of the reasons of the play can lead users emotional resonance. Die VS butcher: "-" talk break for people love and hate that tragedy is to have something of value, most of the works of love where there is sadness, there will be a "-" give up hatred, bite Excalibur Sang Lan is the Avengers, but also is the victim. When a pure, proud man suffered infringement and deception, the world view of the road to collapse often took revenge of the doomed eternally. Bear hatred in retaliation in the process of carrying the same pain, has become the most worthy of study of Chinese and foreign works motif. Sang Lan because Shuo Gang (Book AsiaInfo ornaments) cheat wronged Sakura empty release, killed the wrong Castle love pear drop, supporting his revenge faith will usher in another collapse. The audience for the mist clothes worth, but also the audience said: "if he would choose revenge", no matter what, "-" the new gate of the tragedy in the pear falls dead and Sang Lan sadness slowly opened. The original Mermaid suicide child festival is the screen reproduce in the mood tonight, please pay attention tonight, Hunan TV 22:00.相关的主题文章: