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Legal You have been injured in a Traffic Accident, you are in pain, nobody wants to help you and your bills are piling up. You feel like you have nowhere to turn. Well, your next step is to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer. There are thousands of lawyers listed in the yellow pages, Google, and other search engines. How do you decide on the one that is right for you? Well, here are a few steps to get you in the right direction. When you first have an interview with a personal injury lawyer, you are going to want to go in prepared. You do not have to hire this lawyer, but you do want to make sure that you are covering all of the groundwork to make your choice. Being prepared will help you in this decision. Most of the time, when you meet with a lawyer initially, you are meeting them free of charge. This is a free consultation and when you make the appointment, you will want to verify that this first interview will be free. If you do plan on hiring this lawyer, after your meeting, then you will want to have had a productive first meeting because after this point, your lawyer can begin working on your case. Some questions that you should ask the potential lawyer are: What type of cases does they lawyer usually work on? What experience does the lawyer have with your type of case? Is the lawyer available to take on your case? What options do you have with your particular case? How many cases like yours has the lawyer won and lost? Does the lawyer usually represent the victim or the defendants? What steps are usually involved in a case like yours? These are some basic questions that you can ask to get a feel for the lawyer. The lawyer should inform you at this time what your legal options are, your chances of success, what the cost would be if you hired them, the time that it will take approximately to get your case heard, and any other alternatives that you may have. Some lawyers will take a case like this on a contingency basis. Which means that if they win, they are paid a percentage; however, if they lose, they receive nothing. In a situation like this, your lawyer usually feels like they have a really good chance of winning. Really who wants to work for free if they do not feel like there is a good chance of success with a case? You will also want to verify and have in a contract the percentage and any other fees that will be charged upon winning your case. If they are not doing it on a contingency basis, then you will want to know up front and estimate of the fees and the total number of hours that it would take for your case. When you go to your first meeting with the lawyer, you also want to be prepared with documentation that the potential lawyer would need to view. Print this or have black and white copies of documents to make it more legible. Identify date of the incident, dates of doctors visits, phone calls, etc. There is never too much information to give to your lawyer. Also give the information on the involved parties and the location of the incident. Include names, address, phone numbers, their roles, etc for any party that has been involved with the incident, no matter how minor it may seem. Also include the accident records, police reports, medical bills, medical records, and any other pertinent information pertaining to the incident. You can also include any photos that you have, draw maps, street maps, and so forth. Include a list of all expenses that you have incurred to this point. This information will give you a good starting point and should be able to let you know if you are comfortable with the lawyer. Being well-organized will help in this process. Make sure that the lawyer is up front and honest with you about your case and any potential conflicts of interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: