Idaho High School Students Build Tiny House To Be Raffled

High school students in Minidoka County, Idaho, have built a tiny house to be given away to one lucky person. The cabinetry and construction class at has been working on the house since September 2019, and expect to have it completed by May 2020. “What we did is we actually, we did a little bit of studying, and we learned what it takes and how to build one and then we sat down one day and we talked about the fundamentals of a tiny house, and we talked about where we want room, and where it’s okay to take room from, and really I did not design this, the kids did,” the teacher, Brent Van Every, told KMVT news. After coming up with a suitable design, they went straight to work deciding to build it from the ground up. “Well, we’ve done a lot of work on it, we’ve spent lots of time on it, and it’s been very fun, and hopefully I can get to do it next year,” said Suhr, a junior. Another junior student, Zane Wilkie, noted that the process has taught them how to work as a team. “That was something that was pretty hard for us, especially when it was warmer out, you know you kind of just want to get in there and get it done, but there were six or seven of us, and we had to work as a team, and that was pretty fun actually.” The class is selling raffle tickets for only $10, and these can be acquired by visiting the school’s office or emailing the teacher Van Every at [email protected] The lucky winner will be announced in a few months time. The tiny home movement is growing rapidly around the country, and it is promising to see young people take this initiative to push it forward in their own way.,