Tiny House Village for the Homeless Nearing Completion in Highland Park, Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is about to welcome its newest tiny home community for its homeless. A cluster of pre-fabricated cabins are currently being assembled in, in a complex said to be the largest in the state of and possibly the entire country. Dubbed the Arroyo Seco Tiny Home Village, the community will be home to 224 homeless residents, housed in 115 cabins. Each unit will measure 8-feet-square. The location is on Arroyo Drive between the park and the Arroyo Seco Parkway (just south of the Gold Line trestle bridge). The tentative opening date is the end of summer. This new community will be operated by The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, which also runs other tiny home villages across Los Angeles. They will provide security, manage and oversee social services.,