Village of 50 Tiny Houses To Be Built in Des Moines

The trend to build tiny houses for the homeless is finally coming to Des Moines, , non profit that aims to end homelessness in the city, has had a vision for the project for 7 years, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. CEO Joe Stevens told that they have identified the piece of land where the village will be constructed. It sits southeast of Des Moines International Airport along County Line Road. “This is really a perfect piece of property. It meets all of our criteria,” Stevens said. The plan will have 50 tiny homes built, each measuring 96-square-foot. They will have a small kitchen and bathroom. The houses will be arranged in groups of 5, in order to foster a sense of community. The community will be well secured, and will have shared ammenities like a clinic, laundry facility, community center, and community garden. There will also be a shuttle service for the residents. The non-profit is working the city and Polk County, plus the surrounding community, to make the village a reality.,