A new wave of Digitization: Permeating the construction industry and altering every fraction of the architecture business

Though digitization is underutilized in construction and struggles behind in comparison to the other industries and sectors, they have still managed to recognize the positive impact digitization has on their business. Slowly but surely, digitization has started to revolutionize the construction industry. Few construction firms have been integrating digitization in their business processes. Digitization of processes has helped in improving productivity and resolving problems. It also aids in streamlining processes that automatically make projects quicker and successful. The only way digitization can work successfully is to understand the processes that need to be digitized. Forming a strategy to reason how the selected process will benefit from digitization is significant. For example, Handling logistics is quite a tough task for humans to perform. However, a computer can do it more efficiently and in a shorter span of time. Having a successful strategy for digitization will allow the construction team members to put more focus on communication. Even if the construction firms add digital touch to few processes and operations they can greatly benefit from the same. If they automate internal operations such as meetings and events, it will help them save both time and money. Construction companies looking to adopt this change will be able to pull ahead of their competitors by taking advantage of the digital gap in the industry. Here is what the future of the construction industry will look like if they embrace digitization. Digitizing purchase process saves time and money Purchasing materials for a large project not only is heavy on costs but also takes a lot of time. Digitizing the purchase process helps in saving resources, which can then be utilized elsewhere. Buying materials online can help in procuring the on-going discounts. Instead of going to a vendor they can use their time more effectively by checking out the attractive offers and sale on a digital platform. Revamping construction site logistics The construction members are not able to give thorough and exhaustive attention to essential activities as their focus is scattered. They need to devote their time to run various errands such as looking for materials, arranging-rearranging building site, cleaning, transportation et al. By digitizing this process using software they can automate most aspects of logistics. For example, through internet excavators can ask for free trucks to pick up and drop materials as and when needed. This allows the team to spend lesser time on travel and coordination. The ‘robotic’ movement in construction Working in a construction site is dangerous and workers need to compromise on their safety every single day. Hence they are considered to be the most valuable resources. They risk their lives each day when they transport heavy loads and construct high structures. So if robotic workers perform these hazardous tasks it can be highly beneficial as they can complete the task in a lesser amount of time. This can ensure safety and also increase the quality of workmanship. Digitized interaction with clients and employees Fulfilling client needs and demands is more effective through digital technology. Through the internet and network connectivity, they can get all the required information on their project through company website or emails. The construction team can stay in touch with their clients on a daily basis with low additional overhead. Apps can be used to share work estimates when on the site, go through a consolidated timesheet on the computer. Using smartphones and apps to communicate with employees can help the entire team to stay up to date, work and coordinate more effectively. BIM: now a compulsion plays a significant role in the construction industry. It helps in developing a digital simulation of the construction of the project before even a single brick is laid on the actual site. There BIM has the potential to identify errors, make quick calculations, measure extra costs that might be needed and hence show a different alternative for the same to reduce the cost. This is the era of digital advancement. The construction industry that wants to survive and succeed need to adapt to these changes and adopt the new and improved business operations and processes. Connect with us to ‘get digitized’. We can help you to jump on board and think ahead by introducing new digital processes. Do not forget, even a small percentage of digitization can give you a huge competitive edge by taking the opportunity of the digital gap in the construction industry.,