Xinjiang in 2020 the national traditional Chinese medicine output value and strive to break 5 billio

Xinjiang 2020 Chinese folk medicine value and strive to break 5 billion – the number of public health Sohu for the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine official WeChat, if you are not concerned, please click on the top of the blue "China Chinese medicine" attention. The day before, the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region government issued the "the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine resource protection and industry development plan (2016-2020)". By 2010, the autonomous region will be built 5~10 traditional Chinese medicine standardized planting base, and strive to achieve the national traditional Chinese medicine industry output value exceeded 100 billion yuan. "Planning" clear, the autonomous region will implement the wild Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine resources protection engineering, Chinese folk medicine and herbal medicine production and processing technology of service engineering, medical science and technology leading talent project, Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine professional training and the introduction of projects, the implementation of a drug, famous enterprises and famous brand strategy, develop domestic and international market of Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine. The autonomous region will build the Silk Road Xinjiang medicinal botanical garden and the germ plasm resources storehouse, the gene bank, saves the area above several kinds of medicinal plant seeds and the gene resources, total not less than. 5~10 will be established in line with the national standard for the production of Chinese herbal medicine production quality management standards (GAP) characteristics of large scale cultivation of raw materials, to speed up the import of medicinal herbs introduction and domestication, the completion of imported varieties of medicinal herbs of not less than. Will accelerate the development of Chinese folk medicine and new products, "13th Five-Year" period, R & D drugs no less than 20~30 property declaration. Perfect real estate geoherbs and import of Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine quality standard system, to establish a method for clinical evaluation and research system of national medicine, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. "Planning" proposed to improve the autonomous region of traditional Chinese medicine folk medicine professional training system, as soon as possible to form a whole chain of traditional Chinese medicine industry professionals. Xinjiang will focus on the development of 3~5 in the national counterparts in the enterprise with strong competitiveness of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, and actively create a national marketing network and sales of traditional Chinese medicine Xinjiang service platform. Promotion of Autonomous Region Chinese folk medicine and health products to domestic and foreign culture, publicity and promotion of independent intellectual property rights, development potential, good market prospects of Chinese traditional medicine products, to create a good image of the autonomous region of the pharmaceutical industry, expand the Xinjiang Chinese traditional medicine of domestic market and international market share continuously. Text: Chinese Medicine News reporter Hu Binxin Media Editor: Liu Qian相关的主题文章: