Xianyang a village cadres drunk driving retrograde wounded police sober all night shishangqiyi

Xianyang a village cadres drunk driving retrograde wounded police sober all night road congestion encountered, many drivers will behave in line followed by, of course, and we do not listen. This does not, in Xianyang City Weicheng District Main Street, even the traffic police on duty was wounded in the hospital. Injured police Wang: I saw the blocking point, found a retrograde off-road vehicles, it quickly divert, stop." In the off-road vehicle away from the scene, the driver returned again, and the traffic police Wang has a new discovery. The injured police Wang: "the driver was alcohol, I asked how much to drink wine, he went straight up." Two minutes later, the driver was playing control, the traffic police Wang waiting for reinforcements but did not expect, mutation. Injured police Wang: they put me down to the ground." Reporter: how to play?" The injured police Wang: "hold, my head bump it to the floor." Who will hit the traffic police on duty? We city express all media reporters at the scene learned that the driver named Zhang Aimin, and his identity is not general. Reporter: what is Zhang Aimin doing?" Local villagers: "village head." In the area where Xianyang City Weicheng Shi Yang Cun village courtyard, "all media reporter happened to encounter the city express" village accountant. Reporter: "Zhang village head for a few years the village head?" Village accountant: "this is the general." Reporter: "two years?" Village accountant." "City Express" all media reporter learned that when the thing that night was the driver Zhang Weicheng brought back to the police, the whole night in the yard. Reporter: Zhang woke up the first reaction is what?" Police investigators: do not speak, silence, with the video of the man is completely different." After alcohol testing, the incident was, Zhang also belongs to drunk driving. The reporter noted that the distance of Zhang village is only 500 meters, he is just playing drunk? Police investigators: he did not think the police on duty to give him face." Today, Zhang has been arrested for obstruction of public service Xianyang police criminal detention.相关的主题文章: