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Xi’an people found the ice snow can call 12319 hotline municipal newspaper news (reporter Wei Xin) today, the city officially launched in the snow and ice work plan, to ensure that municipal overpass under ramp, pedestrian bridge, tunnel and important sections do not appear to snow, ice, to protect the safety of public travel. People found to have snow and ice on the road, you can call the hotline 12319 to reflect municipal. It is reported that the municipal authorities set up 18, more than 1000 professional ice, snow removal work team. Equipped with all kinds of snow removal machinery more than 120 units, special snow removal shovel more than 500, reserve environmental protection type snow melting agent more than 250 tons. In order to ensure the emergency handling of emergencies, 2 emergency rescue teams were established. By March 15, 2017, municipal departments will focus on the removal of 100 overpass, bridge, municipal jurisdiction of underground tunnels on the ramp, 146 pedestrian bridge deck and steps, Metro Plaza, Yanta Road, South Gate Street, Fengcheng Road, eight road, new road, combat Fangwei road and other 16 major road snow and ice. At the same time, the timely removal of overpass and pedestrian bridge at the ice downpipe to eliminate safety hazards. In accordance with the requirements of the snow falls within half an hour (including holidays), facilities at the municipal department staff must be rushed to the jurisdiction of the view, for the overpass, bridge is the location of snow throwing snow melting agent, if the continuous snowfall, snow depth is deep, will be cleared at polishingmethod by mechanical and artificial mating and before the snow melting agent. If the pedestrian bridge produces snow, the municipal department will close the footbridge ramp, eradicate the pedestrian bridge steps and the snow on the bridge deck. If continued snowfall, municipal departments will promptly throw snow melting agent, to ensure that the road surface, bridge deck is not frozen. It is worth noting that people such as the overpass bridge bridge hanging ice, ice downpipe etc., please call the hotline 12319 to reflect municipal, not allowed to deal with, so as to avoid accidents. (Xi’an Evening News) Note: video only for extended reading, this year, Xi’an municipal key project construction steadily, the cumulative investment of 455 million

西安市民发现积冰积雪 可拨打12319市政热线  本报讯 (记者 魏鑫) 今起,我市正式启动除积雪、积冰工作预案,确保市政立交桥上下坡道、人行天桥、下穿隧道及重要路段不出现积雪、积冰,保障市民的出行安全。市民如发现道路上有积雪、积冰,可拨打12319市政热线反映。  据悉,市政部门组建了18支、1000余人的专业清除积雪、积冰工作队伍。配备了各类除雪机械120余台,专用除雪铲500多个,储备环保型融雪剂250余吨。为保障突发事件时的应急处理,还成立了2支应急抢险队伍。  到2017年3月15日前,市政部门将重点清除市政管辖的100座立交桥、跨河桥、地下通道等的上下坡道,146座人行天桥桥面及踏步,新城广场、雁塔南路、南关正街、凤城八路、战备路、新医路、纺渭路等16处重点路段的积雪、积冰。同时,将及时清除立交桥、人行天桥等处的冰溜子,消除安全隐患。  按照要求,降雪开始后半小时内(包含节假日),市政部门工作人员必须赶往所管辖的设施处进行查看,为立交桥、跨河桥等有积雪的位置抛撒融雪剂,若持续降雪,积雪厚度较深时,将在抛撒融雪剂前采用机械与人工配合的方式进行清除。  若人行天桥产生积雪,市政部门将封闭人行天桥坡道,铲除人行天桥踏步及桥面上的积雪。若持续降雪,市政部门将及时抛撒融雪剂,确保路面、桥面不结冰。值得注意的是,市民如遇到立交桥桥面结冰、桥体悬挂冰溜子等情况,请及时拨打12319市政热线反映,切勿擅自处理,以免发生意外。(西安晚报)注:视频仅供扩展阅读 今年以来西安市政重点工程建设稳步推进 累计投资4.55亿相关的主题文章: