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Xi’an anti haze cosmetics industry to attract attention: do not blind haze days, businesses began to attract attention, "post haze" cosmetics also launched anti haze effect products. In this regard, consumers do not buy it, the industry said, do not blindly believe that haze days skin care should also start from clean repair. Cosmetics "ride" haze attracted yesterday, the reporter visited Xi’an many business super cosmetic counters found that although the product has not posted "anti haze" word, but each brand says its own anti haze products. "This is a deep cleansing of the skin, can prevent haze." In front of a shopping mall in West Street, a well-known cosmetic brand counter, the staff said, haze is not dirty things, wash your face naturally, you can prevent haze. "This does not write anti haze effect?"" In the face of the reporter’s question, the staff said, did not write anti haze, but the face clean, naturally can prevent haze. Subsequently, the reporter on Taobao input "anti haze cosmetics", immediately appeared products, and marked "anti haze isolation" words, and marked "anti haze isolation 4 sets", the price is 200 yuan -400 yuan. Haze day skin cleaning is very important, yesterday, reporters randomly interviewed 30 women aged 20-50 years, 28 women doubt that, only 2 think that there is a role. 8 years of cosmetics sales Wang told reporters, cosmetics anti haze is business publicity stunt, do not blindly believe. "Haze is mainly caused by breathing into the lungs of people, the impact on the skin should not be big.". You go home to wash your face and clean your skin, and all the harmful particles are washed away." Ms. Wang said, some businesses just introduced the concept of products, now we see the cosmetics and not with "anti haze", this is because China has not issued the relevant standards for anti haze cosmetics, if not marked "according to the requirements of cosmetics have a certain function to resist the words of PM2.5, it can not be called the anti haze cosmetics". Haze days should be how to protect the skin? Shaanxi Second People’s Hospital Department of Dermatology physician Liu Caifeng said, haze days must be thoroughly clean the skin, haze particles will make the skin pores, pigmentation, destruction of skin barrier, so clean is very important, but can not use strong alkaline Cleansing Cream, should choose a neutral or acidic wash products. In addition, to choose isolated products, in addition, replenishment skin care is indispensable, it is recommended that you choose the product of Shu Min in the haze days, you can also go home at night to clean the skin, wash your face with milk, attaining a face. Newspaper reporter Zheng Yichen

西安“防霾化妆品”吸引眼球 业内人士:勿盲信   雾霾天,商家开始“贴霾”吸引眼球,化妆品也推出防霾功效产品。对此消费者并不买账,业内人士称不要盲目相信,雾霾天护肤还应从清洁修复做起。   化妆品“搭”上雾霾吸引人   昨日,记者走访西安多家商超化妆品柜台发现,虽然产品上并没有贴上“防霾”字样,但各品牌都说自家有防霾产品。“这个是深度清洁皮肤的,能防霾。”在西大街一商场某知名化妆品牌柜台前,工作人员如是说,雾霾不就是脏东西么,把脸洗干净自然就可以防霾了。   “这个上面没有写防霾作用呀?”面对记者的疑问,该工作人员表示,没有写防霾,但脸洗干净了,自然就能防霾。   随后,记者在淘宝上输入“防霾化妆品”后,立即就有产品出现,并明显标出“防霾隔离”字样,且标有“防霾隔离4件套”价格在200元-400元不等。   雾霾天皮肤清洁很重要   昨日,记者随机采访年龄在20-50岁的30位女性,28位女性对此表示怀疑,仅有2名认为有作用。做了8年化妆品销售的王女士告诉记者,化妆品防霾是商家的宣传噱头,不要盲目相信。“霾主要是通过呼吸到肺部对人产生危害,对皮肤影响应该不大。大家回家都会洗脸清洁皮肤,有害颗粒也都被冲洗掉了。”王女士说,有些商家只是推出概念产品,现在大家看到的化妆品上并没有贴有“防霾”字样,这是因为目前我国尚未出台针对抗雾霾化妆品的相关标准,根据要求如果化妆品没有标注“对抵挡PM2.5有一定功能”的字样,就不能称其为“防雾霾化妆品”。   雾霾天应该如何保护皮肤?陕西省第二人民医院中医皮肤科主治医师刘彩凤表示,雾霾天皮肤一定要做到彻底清洁,雾霾中的颗粒会让皮肤毛孔粗大,色素沉着,破坏皮肤屏障,所以清洁很重要,但不能用碱性强的洗面奶,应该选择中性或偏酸性的洗脸产品。   此外,要选用隔离产品,另外,补水护肤不可少,建议大家在雾霾天要选择有舒敏作用的产品,也可以晚上回家清洁皮肤后,用牛奶洗脸、敷脸。本报记者郑伊琛相关的主题文章: