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Depending on the size of the Buddhist temple bell struck what are the rules of auspicious bell (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: dispatch) in Buddhism, clock clock and small bell two points. The bell, also known as the Vatican bell, Hong Zhong, bell, bell, bell whale fishing etc.. Because when it hit the ring, can clean the temple buddhist temple, so called Buddhist bells because of its loud Zhiyuan, so called Zhong; because it is hanging on the rack was hit and bell rang, so called fishing bell, bell. As it is also known as the whale bell, it is because the records in the Buddhist scriptures, the sea there is an animal called Po, when it met the whales, often afraid of making sounds like a bell, so people will be cast in the shape of Po bell body, the hammer made of fish. The Po is met before the issue of a whale, with whale named for bell. Small bell, also known as the clock, the clock, clock, etc.. Because it is only half the size of the clock, it is called a half minutes; because it is usually hanging in the hall on the left, or hanging in the meditation hall door, to strike notice will act the Ming method, so called acting clock; it also called the call bell, because it often hung on the outside by the abbot of Liao. The waiter – woo, summoned scholars alone to learn reference. The clock (source: ifeng.com Chinese Buddhist Photography: dispatch) Buddha Buddha clock clock custom wood, stone, copper, iron and other types, in a multi class for copper, followed by iron. The clock is generally about one hundred and fifty cm high, ca. sixty cm in diam. The clock form, fishing at the upper end of the statue of Jackie Chan heads the lower end of Jun, two lotus flower shaped into a relative, known as the eight leaf, hit the following into the grass, the lower edge of a colt claw, the middle part is divided into the pool and milk, milk are surrounded by small protuberance. Connecting seat hit perpendicular to the cross band, called the cassock lift, called six and. In addition, there is a cylindrical barrel inside the barrel through the inside. Small bell is often cast in brass, generally sixty to eighty cm high. Yongle bell (source: ifeng.com Chinese Buddhist Photography: dispatch) Yongle bell casting site (map) Buddha clock clock including the clock and Ming Favre small bell, their Ming method is very complicated, different Buddhist activities have different percussion sound, different schools and regions also have different Ming percussion method. Generally speaking, the Buddha clock has three and seven, eighteen, thirty-six and one hundred and eight under the Ming percussion method. The monks vegetarian porridge hall, Zen, tea or get out of bed after inspection sooner or later when the Ming three; in time to move sooner or later the abbot of incense, Buddha monks into the abbot hall, Ming seven; in the study of monks into the dining hall when the eighteen Ming, is called the church bell "into the hall, the clock is in accordance with the order and into Zhai successively completed; and the thirty-six is the set of three hit song and assembly one hundred and eight. Important activities in Buddhist temples, with one hundred and eight prevail, so also known as the "hundred Buddha clock clock". The impact of the method eighty clock, Bell said: "in the Buddhist scriptures cited pestle should be slow, speaker to long, where three, thirty-six, one hundred and eighty in total, from three slightly tight". That is, when the bells, should lead to a slow mallet, the distant deep. Usually with three Ming as the beginning, the two Ming continuous end. Points three.相关的主题文章: