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Fashion-Style The hottest topic in fashion-land at the moment is without a doubt, plus-size models. There is, after all, no better way to begin a fraught conversation amid women than body shapes and diets. I sincerely doubt this is a dialogue that will die out but just when I start to get tired of the same old arguments, someone chucks in a new one. This week I encountered Amy Odell’s article "Where Are All the Plus-Size Male Models?" within New York Magazine and Sophie Caldecott’s "Andrej Pejic: A wolf within sheep’s clothing" on blog Style and then Some, debating the genderless model’s effect on our self-esteem. The arguments seem to be snowballing. My individual opinion has always been that normal’ people were never meant to appearance like models, that’s the selling point of them. They are gorgeous, mythical creatures and of course it would be lovely to be one of them, but society doesn’t ask me to. It simply requires that I swoon over them and buy into it. Andrej Pejic is incredibly gorgeous but I don’t know any women who would put their hand up to wanting to look enjoy a man who looks like a woman. However, when I speak to my associates (or the size 8 girl in the queue at Fashion 7 days who said she wanted to meet Kate Moss and be as skinny as her) I realise women do buy within to it as an perfect for themselves. Perhaps there is some responsibility to be held by the fashion industry but who exactly need take the blame? Is it a) the designers b) the press or c) the consumers? Answers on a postcard please. One of my acquaintances, a former anorexia sufferer, was outraged that I was struggling with a model, a healthy size 12, being too big and it was doubtful any of the designers’ clothing would fit them. At no point did I say she was unattractive and yet that was the assumption she jumped to. The fact is, I had to clarify, it is cheaper for designers to make up sample sizes clothing within a small size and it’s easier to fit a smaller girl within to a bigger dress than the other way round. A male friend who does beginner modelling seemed to be sitting on the fence about the issue, I have to imagine enjoy many men. While he agreed that young men are be.ing increasingly pressured to look good, he stumbled over the question of where that pressure was .ing from. It seems like a minor argument to me as there are far more old, bald and chubby men within the spotlight than women. Perhaps it’s just easier to accuse someone else for our insecurities. I don’t agree that we have to just sit back when we think something is wrong in this incredibly powerful industry but maybe, for now, while we try and figure out where we stand, we need just shut up. We need to stop discussing the lack of "authentic women" as if size 6 and 8 clothing need be placed within the men’s department and we need to stop pointing the finger. Feeling confident starts since in and ends within and hopefully we can have some fun with fashion in between. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: