Valentine’s day and Valentine’s Day Macao tycoon takes a concubine’s holiday, lingering kiss —

Valentine’s day and Valentine: Macao tycoon with a lingering kiss – mistress holiday and lovers can have the Sohu news according to Hongkong media reports, Macao entertainment tycoon Zhou Zhuohua (wash rice China) with Mandy Lieu December 2015 "century hand", Mandy ", and" sit "washing rice sister Chen Huiling announced a divorce with her husband. The Mandy after the Lunar New Year with her daughter to see the master entry, and a rice washing Hua mansion to send his wife not to divorce, and he will pass a Mandy to engage in "century wedding", is really like a reality show of infinite possibilities. And recently, Zhou Zhuohua with Mandy Lieu and daughter to Thailand Phuket Island vacation, two people sweet hand kissing, completely in love. In addition, the Macao tycoon triangle now has new development again, said Zhou suspected news, the Hongkong media broke the news that Mandy Lieu with "China", is 4 months pregnant, due date will be July, this is the son of tyre, together with last year "520" in the London born female, lobbied for a a "good" word, Mandy hold two years. In fact, before the Mandy next month back to Hongkong with the rice washing of Chinese live in Southern District of Hong Kong Island House nest, you will know the true and false.

情人节和情人过:澳门大亨带小三度假缠绵热吻-搜狐新闻 可以与情人过   据香港媒体报道,澳门娱乐大亨周焯华(洗米华)2015年12月同Mandy Lieu“世纪牵手”,Mandy“坐正”,而“洗米嫂”陈慧玲宣布将同老公离婚。之后传Mandy农历新年抱女儿见老爷入门,一时又传洗米华送豪宅给老婆不离婚,一时又再传他会同Mandy搞“世纪婚礼”,真是像拍有无限可能性的真人秀。而最近,周焯华带着Mandy Lieu还有女儿前往泰国普吉岛度假,两人甜蜜牵手热吻,完全处在热恋中。   此外,澳门大亨三角恋如今又有新发展,讲到周家疑有喜事,有香港媒体爆料指Mandy Lieu再怀“华种”,已怀孕4个月,预产期将会是7月,这胎更是儿子,连同去年“520”在伦敦生女,凑够一个“好”字,Mandy两年抱两。其实之前已传Mandy下个月就回香港同洗米华住港岛南区独立屋筑爱巢,到时就知真假。相关的主题文章: