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UnCategorized I’m noticing many people, Realtors especially, place their entire Austin rental and transactions listings on Austin Craigslist under the real estate section. It’s free and at times effective, so there is no cause not to place listings on Austin Craigslist, along with photos. After doing this and observing from the searching point of view of real estate listings that the Craigslist interface is user-unfriendly, I inadvertently arrived to some realizations. The one true efficient method to utilize Craigslist to locate Austin real estate is to search for keywords. Today, for example, there are nearly 300 real estate listings that are current on the "for sale" section of Austin Craigslist real estate. It would really consume time if you look down the page and read all the title listings and doing this is likely to get you nowhere. Clicking the "Next 100 Postings" link at the foot of each page, just provides additional of the same. if you set on this path, you would just end up scrolling through the more than a thousand listings just so you get to see the previous 4 days of entries. listings are available in Craigslist for 45 days so it is really not probable that anyone would tramp through all those listings. As an alternative, browsers would search for keywords. When I want to search property in Shady Hollow, Western Oaks, Legends Oaks, or Circle C, then I would likely use those neighborhood names as search keywords. Or I’d be searching for some other attribute such as "South Austin," "Kiker" Elementary, or "Bowie" High School, for example. If I wanted a property that attended Westlake High School, I’d search for "Eanes" or "Westlake." So knowing that my Austin Craigslist listing is most likely to be viewed as a search outcome, I need to make certain all listing copy is written in a keyword-rich way. If I have a Travis Heights listing in South Austin, off South Congress (soco) that is for sale, say that is the situation. Would the following be fine ad copy?: Attractive older cottage minutes from downtown and near to everything. eating places, local shops, pool, and neighborhood park are a walking distance away. Observe the deficiency of important keywords in the sample sentence? How would a searcher who wants a property in Travis Heights look for my listing when there is no revelation of the neighborhood? The searcher wouldn’t. On Craigslist I can guarantee you that there are a lot of badly written ads such as this. More improved copy: An attraction of South Central Austin located in Travis Heights a few minutes to the Austin downtown. Travel on foot to Stacy Park, to South Congress restaurants and shops (soco), and pool. Recognize the difference? We’ve said essentially the same thing as the first example, but in a keyword-rich way that is more likely to effect in the listing being seen by someone searching for a property in Travis Heights or near South Congress (soco). We can take this concept a step further by thinking of derivative keywords to include in an ad. For example, a rental listing I recently listed on Craigslist is located in Western Oaks. I lead off the ad with: Superb property, nicely updated in a wonderful Western oaks area, specifically a South Austin area, Circle C and Legend Oaks are near by. Why am I stating "near to Legend Oaks and Circle C"? it is because those searching for Circle C or legend Oaks properties may as well find the Western Oaks home interesting. The point here is to get the interests of as many as possible. Another is that quality schools are fine encouraging factors for the South Austin area so it is best to state the full name of such schools in case there are some browsing for properties specifically attending such schools. So printing a Craigslist ad is not that different from printing website copy. You should question what are the search phrases and keywords appropriate to utilize in order to appear as results on most people’s searches. Then make certain those keywords are incorporated in what you write. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: