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Beauty We all know that we should give our bodies the utmost care and attention it needs, yet every single day we bombard our bodies with chemicals that we use. Be it from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, or the products we use on our bodies like soaps and lotions, including cosmetics, there are certain chemicals that come in contact with our body every day. Part of living healthy should also include being free from chemicals that our bodies can do away with. In addition to eating organic food, we should also aim to use organic cosmetics as well. This is very important because we only have these bodies to live in for the rest of our lives, so it is just right that we give it as much care as possible. If you think that your current cosmetic brand does not use or include chemicals, then think again. A simple check of the label will show you several acids and other chemicals that we surprisingly enough, put on our faces every day in the promise of clearer or wrinkle-free skin. There are actually two major benefits when we choose organic items, including cosmetics, over those that include cosmetics. Here is a closer look at those two benefits: 1. organic cosmetics are better for our bodies and our health. Organic-based cosmetics are better for our bodies and health in the way that organic food is. Chemicals which our bodies silently absorb like coal tar, lead, mercury, and other chemicals with different levels of toxins, are normally found in the cosmetics that promise to make our faces smoother and our complexions better. Coal tar for instance, is a known carcinogen and lead and mercury do not do wonders to anyones health. Just imagine what years of use of cosmetics with such ingredients can do to our bodies. By patronizing organic-based cosmetics, we actually do our bodies a big favor. 2.Organic cosmetics are better for the environment. Think of it this way the less chemicals we use, the better it is for the environment. Simple, right? The more we patronize organic based cosmetics and other products mean that there will be less demand for those items that make use of chemicals. This also means that there will be fewer production of such products and thus, fewer use of chemicals and their waste products that can harm us and the environment we live in. it is actually fairly simple and it is really a matter of choice. If you care for yourself and the environment, we should be advocates of using organic products over the chemical based ones. When it comes to the quality, there are a lot of organic based cosmetics that function in the same way as chemical based ones do. Even though they may be made out of organic ingredients, the color, the hours it lasts, and basically the look and feel of organic cosmetics are the same as those that are otherwise. So the next time you shop for cosmetics, read the label and choose organic ones. It is better for you and for the environment. Please visit ..afterglowcosmetics.. for more information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: