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Trump boasted that playing married female   2005 TV recordings were exposed — the Fujian channel — original title: Trump boast with married women 10 years ago by the official disclosure of the recording data according to U.S. media reports, the United States on October 7th, a Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump? In 2005 during the recording of information disclosure was formally. The recording, Trump boasted that he once married women play, and try to have sex in their own words to women "or proud. "I tried to follow her, but failed," Trump said with vulgar language in the dialogue, "I actually try on her, but is not successful, but she is a married woman." "Then one day I saw her, simply changed the personal Longde chest, in particular," Trump said. In addition, Trump also admitted that in the dialogue, he often attract beautiful women ", and said he" couldn’t help to kiss them, like a magnet." "As long as you are a child, what you are capable of," Trump said. "They still talk, what are you doing, you can even play their nakedness, what." (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian) 特朗普自夸玩弄已婚女 2005年上电视节目录音资料被曝光–福建频道–人民网 原标题:特朗普自夸玩弄已婚女 10年前录音资料被正式披露   据美国媒体报道,美国时间10月7日,一份共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普于2005年期间的录音资料被正式披露。录音中,特朗普自夸自己曾经玩弄已婚妇女,并试图与其发生性关系,言语中以自己能对妇女“动手动脚”引以为傲。   “我试着追她,但是失败了,”特朗普在对话中用粗俗的语言表示,“我确实试着上她,但是就是没有得手,她可是个结婚了的女人。”“后来有一天我又见着她了,简直变了个人,胸隆得特别大,”特朗普还表示。   除此之外,特朗普还在对话中承认,自己“经常被美丽的女人吸引”,而且称自己会“忍不住上去亲她们,就像被磁铁吸引了一样。”“只要你是个角儿,你就什么都能干,”特朗普还在对话中称,“她们什么都让你做,你甚至可以玩儿她们的下体,什么都行。” (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章: