The thief was released from prison in just six months or evil burglary caught the opera – Sohu news-9c8996

The thief was released from prison in just six months or evil burglary caught the "opera" Sohu – Beijing morning news news (chief reporter Yue Yilei) because of theft was sentenced to prison, just half a year or evil, Man Wang is wearing gloves to pry the residents of the home burglary, thought only to be one of a seamless heavenly robe, "throw away their bottles of mineral water sell". Reporters recently learned from Dongcheng Procuratorate, Wang has been prosecuted. At 12 o’clock in July 29, 2015, Zhao, who was playing cards, was called by his neighbor and said his door was being pried. Zhao hurried back home and found the padlock on the door was pried. The house was turned upside down, and more than 4000 yuan in the bedroom cabinet was stolen. Not long ago, Zhao specially in the door installed a wireless monitor, captured a man a burglary of the whole process. Because the man wore gloves when he was committing the crime, there was no fingerprint on the spot. But outside the courtyard corner of an empty mineral water bottle caused the attention of the police, through the bottle mouth saliva plaque detected DNA and national criminal personnel DNA system in Wang’s coincidence, the police found Wang is the monitor photographed the man, then arrested him. Wang, just 19 years old, had two thefts. He was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment for theft in 2014 and was released. After releasing for half a year, the theft was implemented again. Prosecutor Chen Wentao said, according to the provisions of the criminal law, for the sentence has been sentenced to more than one sentence, released within five years after the crime is recidivism, should be severely punished.

毛贼出狱刚半年生歹念 入室盗窃被抓“二进宫”-搜狐新闻  北京晨报讯(首席记者 岳亦雷)因盗窃被判入狱,出狱刚半年又生歹念,男子王某戴着手套撬开居民家入室盗窃,本以为天衣无缝,却不料被自己扔掉的一个矿泉水瓶“出卖”了。记者近日从东城检察院获悉,目前王某已被提起公诉。   2015年7月29日12时许,外出玩牌的赵某接到邻居打来电话,说其家门被撬,赵某急忙回到家,发现门上的挂锁被撬了,家里被翻得乱七八糟,卧室柜子里的4000余元被偷。不久前,赵某特意在家门口装了一个无线监控器,拍摄到了一个男子撬锁入室的全过程。由于男子作案时戴着手套,现场没有指纹。但院门外墙角的一个空矿泉水瓶引起了民警注意,通过瓶口唾液斑检测出的DNA与全国违法犯罪人员DNA系统中王某的相吻合,民警发现王某正是监控器拍到的男子,后将其抓获。   王某今年刚19岁,曾两次盗窃,2014年因盗窃被法院判处有期徒刑7个月后被释放。释放后刚半年,又实施盗窃。检察官陈文滔表示,根据刑法规定,对于曾经被判处过有期徒刑以上刑罚,刑满释放后五年内再次犯罪的是累犯,要从重处罚。相关的主题文章: