The Thanksgiving Turkey Tradition In

UnCategorized While it is doubtful that the attendees of the first Thanksgiving actually had turkey on the menu, the Turkey was nevertheless an important part of the diets of many Native Americans. In the sixteenth century, turkeys were imported to Europe via Turkey the country, and the name stuck. Most historians agree that the Wampanoag Indians introduced the Turkey to the Pilgrim settlers, in addition to squash, corn, and other foods. Thanksgiving did not be.e an official holiday in the United States until 1863, and by 1916, the prevalence of the turkey at the Thanksgiving table was so great that people had begun to refer to the holiday as turkey day. In 1941 an attempt was actually made by President Roosevelt to move the date of Thanksgiving forward in order to encourage a longer Christmas shopping season, but this was voted down by Congress. As the popularity of the Thanksgiving turkey increased, wild turkeys were in danger of an endangered species until 1991, when the government declared them a protected species and imposed stricter laws and conditions on the number of turkeys that could be hunted and killed each year. This does not include domesticated turkeys raised on farms, however. Turkey consumption is highest during the holiday season, which means that winter is the top season for turkey farmers. In 1935, turkey consumption per capita was 1.7 pounds, but today, thanks to marketing efforts, consumption of turkey per capita is approximately 20 pounds. Turkey is popular with people on low fat diets, since it is naturally low in fat and rich in nutrients, and lends itself to many low fat basting and cooking recipes A five ounce serving of skinless turkey contains almost half of the re.mended daily allowance of folic acid, and contains many other vitamins as well as zinc and potassium. Turkeys are bred specifically for their breast white meat, so much so that many turkeys are fertilized via artificial insemination because they are too large to mate. Turkeys can grow as large as 70 pounds, but most are usually around twenty pounds. Most turkeys .e pre injected with butter or vegetable oil and are sold as self basting turkeys, and are available year round, although of course, most prevalently during Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are unsure as to how to cook your turkey, many .panies, including Butterball offer their customers the option of calling the turkey hotline to obtain recipe ideas, and troubleshooting tips. The turkey is truly a significant part of the American Thanksgiving experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: