The Story Of A Bride Wearing A Wedding Garter On The Big

News-and-Society Over the course of a lifetime we will most likely many stories on how wedding garters came about. Whether they are true or no, we dont know exactly. The history of the garter is quite a colorful one. Past recorded events seem to suggest that the garter came into use during the middle ages.It was worn on the brides leg at her wedding not for herself but, for her and the grooms families. Both of their families followed them after their wedding to see to it that they indeed consummated things. Once it was over the garter was taken by the family. It was done so to prove that the couple had consummated their union. Over time couples began protesting to their families joining them on their wedding nights. Because of this protest, they began throwing the garter to their family. It was usually tossed out the window of the room where they would consummate as the family would wait outside. After a time, Most families ceased following the couples and gave birth to a brand new tradition. Some people believe that tossing the garter actually began during a reception. During this reception, some drunken males tried to take it from the leg of the bride themselves. The groom did not approve of course. Thus came forth that the groom would remove the garter from his bride and toss it to the men before they had a chance to touch his wife. Some believed that if they caught the garter, that they would be next to be married. This belief has held up ever-since. It was not always the groom who threw the garter. In history their are records of the bride doing it as well. This came about because some used to believe that if they had a piece of the attire the bride was wearing that it was good luck. They would rip off pieces of the brides outfit as she passed by. Brides did not like the idea of their beautiful gowns being torn apart and started throwing items to the crowd including the garter. Brides of today still wear them on their leg alongside other bridal accessories. To some the it stands for the brides purity. It is to this day removed at the reception and thrown to the single men attending. Some do think of it as a lucky charm. Belief still stands that if caught, whoever catches it will be blessed with marriage next. Sometimes women decide to wear two of them instead of just one. They will allow the groom to toss one to the men and then the other will be kept as memorable item for the couple. Many decide to pass them on to future generations. Whatever the reason may be for wearing them, whether you wear one or two, or if you plan to have it thrown to the crowd or not is entirely your choice. There are many reasons why brides wear wedding garters. The garter has and will always remain part of traditional weddings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: