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The restaurant sweep yards reward to enhance the quality of service: the rise of the Internet with Liu Xiaoli wishful thinking of red envelopes, a reward system spread to the service industry line. According to reports, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and many other restaurants quietly rise of the sweep yards to reward mechanism. Under the logo, in store restaurant table card or waiter reminder, if the customer feel satisfied to the waiter, can through the two-dimensional code on the sweep waiter clothing card "reward", the amount of more than 3 to 5 yuan, up to more than 10 yuan. In our country the tip culture is not prevailing circumstances, the majority of consumers are not buying it. However, respondents store is still optimistic, think that this can motivate the waiter to improve service enthusiasm and initiative, but also can promote the attendant income, even is expected to become a catalyst to promote the catering industry to improve service quality. However, the scan code to reward can withstand such high expectations, you need to clarify a number of issues. First, the waiter seeking reward will affect the experience of the customer dining. 35 yuan is not much, it is inevitable that there will be a customer in front of the waiter asked to seek scan code, out of courtesy or due to face reluctantly, but in fact there are more unhappy heart. As a result, everyone on this emerging consumption patterns varying degrees of acceptance; two, good customer service is the duty of the meal the waiter, to do the right thing but need extra charge seems to be somewhat unreasonable; the three is that the course of the meal was a reward for many customers would disturb the mood. Secondly, for refusing to reward customers, service can not discount. According to reports, the waiter through the scan code to reward the monthly income of hundreds to thousands of dollars, some of the people who can receive tips can be comparable with the salary. Driven by the interests of the waiter a reward behavior of customers special service and enthusiasm is not impossible, differentiated services will eventually lead to the customer to enjoy the usual standard service cost increase. In addition, stores have to shift the responsibility. Whether it is through the reward incentives to motivate the waiter more enthusiastic service, or to promote the waiter to increase, should not be the customer into the store to spend extra homework". The waiter human cost, restaurant service quality control, the responsible party in the store. If the waiter can do undifferentiated service, then sweep the code to reward the attractiveness of the consumer where? Food service industry, customer experience and reputation is the most important. I think that there are answers to these questions, the scan code to reward the most important positive significance lies in its evaluation function, voluntary and inner point of praise and comments, perhaps more than a reward of money is more representative of the true idea of customer. After all, the high popularity of the restaurant is the result of popular dishes, comfortable environment, perfect details and high quality services and other factors together. Otherwise, more fresh and fun rewards, once overexert, will only become the wishful thinking, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction.相关的主题文章: