The new Grand Cherokee facelift listed and Jeep brand 75 anniversary norton disk doctor

The new Grand Cherokee facelift listed and JEEP brand 75 anniversary of Beijing Phoenix car news: on September 10th, the new Grand Cherokee facelift listing and JEEP brand 75 anniversary, 2016 imported new Grand Cherokee life camp, held in the camp without tile. Many JEEP fans and their owners have a joyous gathering, feel the perfect combination of the new Grand Cherokee brought luxury and wild. Activities on-site customer sign for customers on cutting riding experience for customers to prepare a sumptuous meal test drive link all the photo Jeep Grand Cherokee 75 anniversary models price models price (yuan) Grand Cherokee 3.0TD 75 anniversary tribute edition 65.99 Grand Cherokee 3.6L 75 anniversary tribute edition 67.99 tab: Phoenix car as the Jeep’s top model cut in, since the birth of 24 years, after 4 generations change. The main changes of the new Grand Cherokee, lies in the technology configuration and the increase of the interior design of the slight adjustment. Appearance: the design of new Hwan out of the ordinary professional luxury experience, as well as the exclusive Jeep sign of brown orange edge, with full details of the history to the professional spirit of honor. Bronze bronze 7 hole grille, fog lamps decorative color ring and drag hook, bronze after the pedal and the new 20 "matte bronze aluminum wheels, so that the vehicle natural display contains 75 years of low-key precipitation to professional luxury temperament. The interior design inspiration from the desert battlefield, the illustrious military exploits of Willis during World War II, to pay tribute to the classic retro decoration. In addition, the new 75 anniversary special logo leather seats, with Morocco orange stitching package decoration, comfortable cabin atmosphere to create high-end quality sense. Power: the new car will be equipped with 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine and 3.6 liter V6 naturally aspirated engine, real models for 3.0T turbocharged engine, low speed release powerful torque. In addition, according to user research, the previous electronic block replaced mechanical block, reduce the chance of error. In the Baiwang Auto Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: Beijing city Haidian District 1 Beijing Xibeiwang Town Green Valley Park car sales into daoda Automobile Co. Ltd Tel: 010-82402666 2 Beijing address: sales call No. 106 Beijing city of Victoria City Fengtai District South Road No. 123 G District 3: 010-83638877 Beijing Huijie Weiye Automobile Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: Beijing City, No. 55 West Sales Tel: 010-84916522 4 Beijing City Jidong Automobile Co. Ltd. address: Beijing city Chaoyang District Yaojieyuan Road No. 1 No. -4 Oriental Foundation International Automobile City Sales Tel: 010-85576166 5 Beijing Anyuan Automobile Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: Beijing City, Changping District Beiqijia East three flags Village North Beichen Asian Sports Village automobile trading market in the center of the northeast corner of the sales call: 010-61755288相关的主题文章: