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Yoga Being green has be.e a considerably popular movement to follow as more and more people are beginning to choose lifestyles that are friendlier to mother earth. You can support making eco-friendly choices by investing in sustainable fabric including the clothes you choose to exercise in on a daily basis. If exercise and sustainability are important to you, eco conscious brands such as OmGirl, Hyde, Pink Lotus, Soybu, and GGO Bamboo and Alternative Apparel all have a range of womens athletic tank tops that support both the environment and a healthy workout. What makes these fabrics "eco-friendly" or "sustainable"? Simply put, it is the lack of pesticides that go into the growing, harvesting, manufacturing and production process. With the growing emergence of organic cotton, other natural resources have been made into yoga clothing. Some of these include bamboo, soybeans and modal (made from beechwood tree). All eco-friendly fabrics .e from mother earth, so they are breathable, extremely soft to the touch and easy to care for. Eco-friendly and organic fabrics are important on a daily basis, but most importantly when working out due to the amount of sweat that your body produces. Thus, breathability is key- so choosing yoga tank tops and yoga bottoms that are made from slightly porous materials such as organic cotton or recycled polywill help you stay dry and cool during moderate to intense workout sessions. Athletic tanks or tops that are not breathable, the sweat gets stuck close to your body causing irritation and chafing. Most importantly you will not enjoy your workout as much and will want to cut it short. Yoga and athletic experts agree that the more you feel .fortable in your clothes, you can’t wait to get to your practice. High performance and sustainable active wear are available among brands such as OmGirl, Hyde, Pink Lotus, Soybu, GGO, Our Love Yoga and Alternative Apparel. A wide array of athletic tops and athletic bottoms can be found among these brands. The fabrics support flexibility, breathability sustainability and .fort. The yoga tanks are often embellished with yoga mantras or inspired graphics and sayings that promote both a mindful and stylish workout. For example, Our Love Yoga Chakravee .es in the 7 different colors relating to the different chakras along with each of the chakra symbols printed on the back. Support your environment, and lend to your health by investing in yoga tops and bottoms that are good to your body and the earth. Its a movement worth buying into and you will be happier in your practice! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: