The implementation of the first post paid training mode in Huangshi driving test-e3300

Huangshi driving school implementation of "learn first to pay after the driving test training mode for 21 days, the Huangshi Municipal Transportation Bureau held the city’s culture market management will promote, guide the city’s implementation of the" first post driving pay "driving test training mode, will be piloted in Huangshi area 50% years driving. In September 18th, the Ministry of transport, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the implementation of timing and training fees, training before paying service mode, jointly issued motor vehicle driver training and learning before payment, timing and charging mode service contract (model text) ", released a new version of" teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program ", the provisions from October 1st, the driving test are officially opened the first post payment, time charge license pass mode. After the implementation of this model, people learn to drive a one-time payment of "road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge" theory of knowledge training fees and textbooks, establish archives materials, people learn to drive the completion of each driving skills training, according to the appointment time when prices paid the cost of training schools. For more information, please focus on WeChat subscriptions in great Huangshi