The fourth quarter investment growth is expected to rebound in September monthly CPI feed up seaway

The fourth quarter investment growth is expected to rebound in September monthly   CPI feed up about 1.6% of Guizhou channel — original title: in the fourth quarter investment growth is expected to rebound in September monthly CPI material is up about 1.6% of the National Bureau of statistics will be released September economic data. The industry is expected that the future fiscal policy will continue to remain positive, monetary policy will focus on the transmission channels, continue to promote the rational growth of credit unions. CPI September is expected to rise last year, a slight rebound from last month, at around 1.6%, PPI decline is expected to continue to narrow. The fourth quarter of fixed asset investment growth is likely to rise month on month. No obvious inflation and deflation pressure bank chief economist Lian Ping said, comprehensive reference to the Ministry of Commerce and the National Bureau of statistics published data, is expected in September food prices rose between 0.5%-1%, increase than last month to expand. Due to the same period last year, the price of vegetables is almost zero growth, making food prices rose in September this year, rose to about 1.9%-2.4%, or significantly expanded last month. Non food prices continue to trend slightly, rose at around 1.2%-1.5%. September tail factor was 0.21%, down by 0.1 percentage points over August. Comprehensive judgment, in September CPI year on year increase may be between 1.4%-1.9%, the median was 1.6%, an increase over last month. Lian Ping said that in the absence of strong stimulation of monetary policy, liquidity again push the overall high possibility of CPI is small, but the tight supply and demand of food prices may be rising stage. CPI tail factors rose slightly in October and in November, may play a stabilizing role in stabilizing prices, but the lifting range is limited. CPI is expected to run basically stable in the future, there is no obvious inflationary or deflationary pressures. CICC chief economist Liang Hong expects September price index rose. Food, pork and other meat and poultry prices fell, but the eggs and vegetable prices significantly. House prices will continue to push up rents. Services, entertainment and health care may continue to rise in price driven situation. CPI is expected to rise 1.6% in September. Some important industrial products such as coal, steel, iron ore, cement, glass, chemicals and other prices continue upward. By limiting the impact of rising coal prices, the most prominent. Expected PPI year on year increase of -0.2%. Investment growth is expected to pick up the China Financial Futures Exchange Research Institute chief economist Zhao Qingming said that due to higher base last year, the first 9 months of this year, investment growth continued to decline. Is expected in the first 9 months of fixed asset investment growth rate of 7.7%, real estate development and investment growth of 4.8%, manufacturing investment growth of 2.5%, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure is 19.6%, since last October, the low base in December, is expected in October this year, November, December growth rate of fixed asset investment will rise month on month. China Merchants Securities Research Report is expected in September the growth rate of investment in fixed assets rose slightly, PPP is a project operating rate is expected to enter the peak period; two is the real estate sales and land transaction size remained stable in the three quarter, help to alleviate the short-term real estate investment downward speed; three is the industry)相关的主题文章: